Is Pooja Mishra copying Candice Boucher?

The Playboy model was seen in a sheer black dress at Cannes for the release of Azaan, with Sachiin Joshi. And recently we spotted Pooja in a see-through kinda black number. Was she imitating Candice? You decide…

At a recently held bash Pooja Mishra seemed to be vying for attention in the black outfit she had chosen. Neither the front nor the back of her dress looked appealing to us. The front displayed a diagonally set panel of sheer black material and her cleavage looked everything except hot! Overall, the dress was plain. Moving on to the back… well, the Bigg Boss 5 contestant had decided to take the backless route. But that’s not what caught our attention. Our eyes kinda drifted south and stopped, stunned, vaguely horrified. It was Pooja’s derriere that stopped traffic, and certainly not in a happy way. This was more like a multiple car pile-up on the expressway – a disaster! Take a closer look and you can see that she’s chosen to use add-ons to enhance her…ahem… assets.

Now think back to Cannes 2011. Remember Candice Boucher’s daring see-through lace ensemble that she wore to Festival De Cannes 2011. The sheer black dress had a design that was smartly positioned such that it covered her modesty, even though it left very little to the imagination. The front as well as the back of the gown was revealing, to say the least. But we can’t deny that the long sheer gown helped her flaunt her enviably sexy perfectly fit and toned figure. Don’t you agree?

If item girl Pooja Mishra was trying to copy the South African model, she needs to learn how to do it. Looking at these two ladies, we can say that Candice has give lessons on how to wear sheer, while Pooja is the ideal model for the ‘how not to’ part!