Posted Tue, February 25, 2014 3:21pm IST

The Nasha babe has become a hot topic once again thanks to her antics

Poonam Pandey is well known for showing off her body to stay in the public eye. Ms Pandey forgets however that sometimes it can be a case of too much of a good thing. Her latest effort is an initiative that she has classily titled

#TittyTuesday. The accompanying selfie of her ample bosom is described by the Pandey lady as ‘a Pic for Turning you on’. Another recent selfie shows off her curvaceous underwear-clad rear derriere. And, in a photograph titled ‘A Pic for Turning ur Boring Monday in Funday’, Ms Pandey appears to be wearing no clothes at all. In yet another photograph, a set of four this time, again of her underwear-clad rear derriere, she promises more images provided the set is retweeted 10,000 times.

If that wasn’t enough for her prurient fans, the Pandey has declared that her birthday is on March 11 and if a slavering enthusiast convinces 20 or more fellow mouth breathing drool dribblers into following her on Twitter, he or she will win the grand opportunity to meet her in the flesh, as it were, at her birthday party.

The question is why does Poonam Pandey need to be in the public eye? She does not have an immediate release coming up now that Nasha has come and gone. Is it the nasha of knowing that there is an army of heavy breathers out there with chafed palms who are waiting for her next picture? Or is it sheer desperation that sooner or later there will be more entrants to the near-naked brigade? Or is there a grand project that she and her ‘business strategist’ (oh yes, she has one) is leading up to? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures and a recent Pandey-ism – “Having a dirty mind is okay, but having a clean heart is important.”