Is Prabhu Deva worried about Akshay Kumar’s box office appeal?

Is Prabhu Deva worried about Akshay Kumar’s box office appeal?

Why else is he going to make three south stars a part of the promotional campaign for Rowdy Rathore?

Rowdy Rathore marks Akshay Kumar’s return to action after a long time. It is also the film that could possibly resurrect his career after two years of flops. Naturally, Rowdy Rathore’s director Prabhu Deva is a nervous man. He has to also meet the expectations his fans have of him after his first Bollywood directorial venture Wanted was a huge hit. With Rowdy Rathore’s release date of June 1 approaching quickly, it looks like Prabhu Deva is getting increasingly anxious. He told a national daily recently that he is planning a party with three southern stars who have been associated with the project.

Rowdy Rathore is a remake of the Telugu film Vikramarkudu, starring Ravi Teja. The film was later remade as Veera Madakari in Kannada and Siruthai in Tamil. Sudeep starred in the former and Karthi in the latter. Prabhu Deva is hoping that these three stars and Akshay will party together in his home in Chennai by the end of May. He has already spoken to them about it. The choreographer-turned-director is an icon in southern cinema and we won’t be surprised if all of them agree to it. There is also a buzz that Bengali superstar Prosenjit, who has starred in the Bengali remake, might be invited. While the prospect of all these stars coming together excites us no end, it also makes us wonder: does this mean Prabhu Deva has no faith in his film and his star? Is that why he is resorting to this publicity gimmick? Is he worried Akshay’s fistfights won’t be accepted as audiences have got used to his comic timing? Prabhu Deva has even roped in south star Vijay to do a cameo in the film. We must say, Prabhu Deva’s move doesn’t inspire any confidence in us about his film. Hopefully for him, we are the only ones who think so.

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  • akib

    I don’t think this argument makes any sense.

    Every Film has its own promotional campaign depending on the size and budget of the film. If SRK roped in Rajni & Akon for Ra1 / Salman asked Kat for guest appearance in Bodygaurd title song it doesn’t mean they have lost their fan base.

    Akshay Kumar is a mini industry within hindi film industry who is the only actor among his contempories 2 keep his starpower and superstardom at stake after every 2-3 months and has 3-4 releases per year. Agreed last 2-3 years haven’t been his best, but i guess all that jinx has already been broken by Housefull 2.

    Rowdy Rathore will b among top 3 films of 2012 and Akki will get most the credit along with Prabhu Deva.

    • Vivek

      Right dude Housefull2 is a superhit with over 110 crore collection and surely the original action king of India will rock.

  • rehan

    aare yaar why do people make such dumb articles, is akki the 1st actor to have guest actors? lol

  • Halimali

    if he was worried he would get known faces like srk, hrithik to make guest appearance not unknown faces, pls stop writing such stupid articles.

  • Sunit

    here you are again… who pays you guys to constantly trash Akshay Kumar?

  • Vishal

    Hmm.and here they started to bring down akshay again and that too before release of rowdy rathore.But these stupid articles are not going to harm the movie.akshay is action king and will back with bang(already housefull 2 is a superhit).
    “sher do kadam piche jata hae dar kr nahi, jhaptne ke liye”.He is back.

  • Nik ♥ AKKI

    Aeiihhh… wat a Rubbish Article! Thats the part of Promotional Campaign and Having Guest Actors charms audience more. SRGay roped 33 stars in Om Shanti Om title Song. What’s d Problem with You, writer!! AKSHAY, the One n Only B-Town (Axn-Comedy) King nw Back wid Bang in Housefull 2 and wl Blast the B.O. by ROWDY RATHORE… The Buzz is Very High already n muvi wl break ol Records.
    yOu Haters r A**Hole! ♥AKKI

  • Kaushal

    Bakchodi suru kar diye. Is site ka owner salman ya srk ka pilla hai jarur. . .Jalan hoti hai na akshay ko upar uthte dekhker. . .Dub maro.

  • krishna

    akki ke against article chapne mein bada maza aata hai kaminon tum logon ko kaun deta hai paisa yeh sab chapne ke liye by the way dog always barks and akki goes his way

  • krishna

    aur kamino rowdy rathore ka collection dekhne ke baad tere tote ud jayenge akkiiiiiii will bring storm on boxoffice

  • raj

    Saale jalne walo jalte raho
    ab jhatka laga na ek hi hit se
    abi to ek k baad ek blockbuster deni hai kamino
    jab saale srk sallu kuch stars lete hai to theek lekin agar hmaara
    punjabi munda akki aise kre to wo darta hai
    are htaa saawan ki ghtaa
    saale do kaudi k writers kuch aur nhi mila to yeh bakwas shaap di
    bhool gye hf2 ko

  • eesha

    this writer is crazy

  • Raja

    We need to find out who funds this pink chaddi wearing low lives to trash Akki everytime! If we find out who you are, we will beat the sense into your stinky rears! Just stuff your ugly rears and ugly faces with whatever you write, paiKhan eaters!

  • Raja

    Whp pays you nameless, faceless creatures to bad mouth Akki without any provocation? Are you low lives paid by the 3 midget paiKhans? We will eff the excreta outta you filthy low lives!

  • akib

    Don’t wanna critcize anybody here, but i’ve seriously observed that this site and its writers have some problem wid Akki. The same negativity was spread b4 release of H2. Guys grow up. Jst because his last few releases b4 H2 haven’t opened to the response they should have been, it doesn’t mean that guy has left. He is here since 20 yrs & has made comebacks after giving 16 flops in a row. He is continuously among top 5 SuperStars since last 5 yrs

  • khiladi

    Why,u people every time keep spreading unnecessery news about Akshay,Every director and Actor promotes his or her movie,as much as they can,It doesn’t mean that the film wil be a flop.Promotions are for betterment of a Movie!

  • khiladi returns

    Akki fans,don’t say tha akki gave flop movies in last 2 yrs.Akki’s Housefull2 was a vry big hit and thankyou was a superhit.wikipedia par collections bi dekhlo

  • jack

    Akki’s single starring movies are all flop….his movies are hit only when it is multi starrer movie

  • Updesh

    What wrong wid u guys?
    What do u get by leaving rubbish comments abot AKSHAY, hah ?
    Every1 of us know dat AKKI is only d real action genre actor of India.
    Doing comic movies 4 few years doesn’t mean he had left action genre.
    No 1 can take his place.
    ”AKKI was an action genre hero, he is and he will be”

  • Dipak

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  • badar ali

    i love acting please help me