Is Priyanka Chopra bored of her busy schedule?

Over the past year, the Exotic babe has been living off a suitcase, quite literally. Is she complaining? Read on to find out…

Priyanka Chopra is one busy bee in B-town, ain’t she? She’s always travelling around the world, be it for films, photoshoots, song launches, promotional events and much more. The Exotic babe has been to the most exotic places in the world. But we hear that she’s complaining that she hasn’t really seen any of the places that she has visited over the years.

In a recent interview, Priyanka said, “You should see my passport – I have [filled] seven passports. I’ve been to almost every place in the world. But I’ve never really seen them. I go from set to my hotel most of the time. I go to the most exquisite, exotic places in the world, but I’ve never discovered them because I work so much. But I do want to spend the rest of my life sort of exploring places, which I’ve never had an opportunity to do. I never jetlag, I think my body’s immune to it. My body’s like, “Whatever. Take me wherever. I’ll adjust.”

Well, despite so much travelling around, Priyanka seems to be bored of her schedule, no? To most of us, her life may seem like a long vacation, but is it really? After reading this, we certainly don’t think so. In fact, wethinks that the Gunday girl herself seems bored of her busy schedule.