Is Priyanka Chopra hot enough to be an international sensation?

Is Priyanka Chopra hot enough to be an international sensation?

The babe’s latest single Exotic released recently and we notice she wore some really cool high street ensembles, as she sang and danced

Priyanka Chopra looks deadly in those high-waist shorts. And what brought great exoticness to her look is that stylish fluorescent green bustier. It was a cleverly designed mix of funky and retro, spiced by the PC panache. While the high-waist super hot pants made it seem like she’s all set to lounge around in some swanky swimming pool in Paris, those massive white headphones add the tadka of youthful style to her look.

And just when we were done admiring the tech-savvy beauty, our eyes fell on those gorgeous printed sky high heels. The best part of the statement is that the heels don’t match the outfit but it still looks very fashionable put together. And how could the babe stay away from the most glamorous shade of all! We love the gold pants, while the black bustier combo and the intricate neckpiece makes it all the more boho-chic. There’s something very striking about PC’s outfits – and they totally complement the title of her album: Exotic!

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  • anonym

    No, No, No…Plastic Chopra is a cheap imitation of JLo…the Song is garbage and PC looks hideous…mouth like Monster and Nose like MJ

    • pinky

      dude, u need serious help. u dnt even leave a single post of PC without putting her down. I guess ur mouth is like monster and nose is like worse than MJ. idiot.

  • mano

    its not jst abt lookin hot… she looks good, any model/actress would when she is semi nude!
    but the quality of her music is average. shes just a temp singer, not one who will be remembered!

  • Neil

    Yea obviously shes sooo talented and beautiful

  • vishwajit

    Nice acctres