Is Priyanka Chopra hotter than Katrina Kaif?

Is Priyanka Chopra hotter than Katrina Kaif?
Yogen Shah

The Exotic babe has been voted as the hottest woman of 2013 by a popular Indian magazine. Read on

Not so long time ago, Katrina Kaif was voted as Asia’s sexiest woman of 2013 by a British newspaper and now Priyanka Chopra has been voted as the hottest woman of 2013 by Maxim India. Both the beauties have made their own space in Bollywood. This year, Priyanka Chopra starrer Krrish 3 got an amazing response at the box-office. Though the actor wasn’t playing a uniquely different role in the film, she looked hot, as always. Kat will soon be seen in 2013’s much-awaited film, Dhoom:3, which releases this month. Though she hasn’t impressed us much with her look and moves in the teasers of film so far, let’s not jump to conclusions and wait n’ watch if she comes forth as sexy in the film…

Also, Kat’s recent appearances haven’t been heart-winning. Not to mention her wardrobe malfunction! In fact, in one of her recent photoshoots, Kat’s lips looked like they have recently attained a new shape. Wink, wink! No complaints though considering that the hottest woman too has changed a lot since her early days in B-town, hai na?

Anyways BollywoodLifers, while wethinks that Piggy Chops is certainly the hottest woman (looks changed or not), do you agree with us? Or do you have someone else in mind? Share your thoughts!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    i dont think PC is sexy she look too straight, as a woman you have to look sexy with a little meat , and i think Katrina look more sexy then PC

  • Nilou Noor

    I think you cannot compare 2 human beings to each other. But I do prefer a smaller face, which Katrina does not have, she just have her skin color, height and body going for her.

  • <3cppd<3

    i think priyanka is more sexy..she has the body of a real indian woman unlike katrina..meanwhile kat too is good but priyanka is better..

  • Milana

    of corse Katrina is better than Priyanka

  • Milana

    of course you find again something to say against Katrina Kaif,
    she has a beautiful lips :)

    • desigirl424

      beautiful, but plastic.

      • Mitesh Patel

        Kat has something done to her lips and it’s a big deal while PC gets a brand new face and no one says anything. Look at her pics from Miss World and look at her now. Plus If she is suppse to embody the Indian woman then how come she is so fair skin now?

        • desigirl424

          i never said pc has not done surgery. But still, i find her hotter than katrina.

  • desigirl424

    of course pc is hotter than katrina. being hot/sexy doesnt depend on what clothes you wear, or having the body, it depends on confidence, and as bipasha said, “confidence is the best accessory for a woman.” pc has that and kat does not. Also, when pc poses, her body language is different, expressive eyes, whereas kat is just just the same.

    • Mitesh Patel

      Confidence as long as there is a good make up and lighting guy.

      • desigirl424

        i dont think you have understood the comment. see, when pc poses, she doesn’t have the same expression. she can be fierce, cute, bubbly, happy, it’s not about having fair skin, good body, etc.