Is Priyanka Chopra jealous of Kareena Kapoor?

Is Priyanka Chopra jealous of Kareena Kapoor?

Piggy Chops is glad that she is not Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘heroine’. Really?

Priyanka Chopra is known for irking star wives (previously Twinkle Khanna and now Gauri Khan). But there’s more to her than just getting ‘close’ to married men. After giving an award winning performance in Fashion, many thought Priyanka would be miffed with Madhur Bhandarkar for not choosing her as the leading lady of Heroine. But guess what, the jungli billi is pretty tame when it comes to holding grudges. “I couldn’t have done that role. Working on a similar plot did not make sense for Madhur and me. We spoke about the film several times. I’m glad that Kareena’s doing it. Both of them will work very well,” she said. Are you sure, Priyanka? Or is it just a case of grapes gone sour? Wink, wink.

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  • Nikeeta

    Urgh she got close with Akshay too? My God woman, learn to be like Vidya and stick to acting and not stealing other people’s husbands.

  • Amala

    Priyanka’s not jealous. She already worked with Madhur once. Stop making up unnecessary drama. Both PC and Kareena are different people with different bodies of work. I don’t think they are jealous of each other as both have reached success.

  • yousuf

    Priyanka is Only Priyanka.when coming to Heroine it is reportedly said that 1.she already worked as a supermodel in FASHION 2.she is also doing a similar film with Shahid in Kunal Kohlis next so need of priyanka being jealous.Frankly speaking Kareena is Jealous of Priyanka because its Kareena who self praises and tell herself Number 1 Heroine.

  • OMAR

    priyanka has its own quality her own life style she have something god gift every body have there atitude

  • ashok ramsook

    i think priyanka is a great actress,n so is kareena pple shud stop makin thm enemies,n let thm live their lives on their terms.i love u both