Is Priyanka Chopra more popular than Deepika Padukone?

Is Priyanka more popular than Deepika?
Yogen Shah

Though both the actors are quite popular and successful, but when it comes to social media, one of the two is better all thanks to her social networking skills. Read on to find out who it is!

Priyanka Chopra has had quite an eventful year so far. The actor launched her second single Exotic that also featured international sensation Pitbull. Then she was busy promoting the film Planes in the United States. The actor had lent her voice to the character Ishani in the film. That apart, Piggy Chops has Zanjeer 2.0 to look forward to in September.

We were on Twitter sometime back stalking all the B-town celebs. Yes, we at BollywoodLife love to do it and we found that Piggy Chops is more popular than Deepika Padukone.

The Zanjeer actor is ranked fourth on the Bollywood celebs rankings on Twitter with 4.518.986 followers beating all other female actors including Deepika Padukone who is placed sixth on the list with a following of 4,069,302.

This comes as a surprise because Deepika is reportedly the first actor to cross Rs 500 crore mark with three of her films being big hits this year (Race 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express).

Yet, she faces a tough competition from Priyanka Chopra. However looking at a cut throat competition between the two ladies on Twitter, it seems that Deepika will beat Priyanka very soon.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonym

    Deepika is more popular than Plastic Chopra, she is more known for controversies and other marriage beds. an arrogant, silly goat. Dippy is a decent young woman and inspiring example for the girls

    • Raj

      absolutely agree! PC is disgusting.. thats why I am following her on twitter, so I cant curse her out

    • ajai

      PC anyday!Dippy is like a clothes hanger-stiff and awkward and NO actress. Sorry. Fashion,Barfi and the Miss Universe Crown are ample proof

  • Ajju

    No. dout she is more popular ..than dippy………even she beat sachin on twiteer

    • Ralph

      You IDIOT! Who accounts are FAKE accounts done by her PR.. its soo easy to make fake accounts follow you..
      go and check the IP addresses.. Morons

  • loveline


  • lixx

    she is on no.4 on twitter because she is now also known in international tv because of her songs exotic n planes movie whatever otherwise deepika is more popular if u talk abt india .. if deepika also start doing international movies n songs she will be even more popular thn any other actress

  • Vikram

    Never … Deepika cannot beat Pee Cee, cz when Pee Cee had 3.5 million followers, Deepika had 3 million, when PC had 4 million followers, Deepika had 3.5 million followers and When Priyanka has 4.5 million followers, Deepika has 4 million followers…
    Lots of Difference : 5 Lakhs……….
    Thatswhy PRIYANKA is the most popular Actress in India………..

  • Raju

    Deepika will not be able to compete on twitter with priyanka because she will also release krrish3,,,and krrish3 is surely going to be one of the biggest blockbuster of all time in indian cinema

  • alfred

    PC with krrish 3, zanjeer, music album, mary kom bio pic, her incredible acting abilities and her attitude has made her best of all and continue to make her better. she is incomparable actress!

  • Shreya

    PC.. I like Deepika.. But PC is much ahead than her.. Priyanka is a diva.. No one can match her acting skills..

  • Raj

    Another pathetic tactic of Priyanka’s PR to get her in the news and hopefully some work..

    We DO NOT want a plastic blowup doll on HUGE screen..

    Also, PC joined twitter wayyy before deepika.. and even I am on PC’s twitter, and I hate her.. remember, not all those people who follows her are her fans..a lot of people are HATERS too.. example.. ME!!

    • Asish

      You Are Forgetting One Thing : Deepika also has many Haters on Twitters. example : Me ; I follow her but I hate her………….
      Like That Everyone has haters, But Afterall, Priyanka is the Most Popular Actress Of Bollywood …


    Whatever the case is but the high degree of bias for Priyanka is very clearly apparent .Firstly, you say that Priyanka is more popular only because of her social networking skills which is highly highly wrong and bias of you.
    Secondly, It “seems” to you that Deepika will outdo Priyanka very soon? Does that seem conspicuous? Na! Priyanka has films waiting for their release, It’s just a matter of time, you better don’t say that Dips is 500crore queen for this year..C’mon her counterpart hasn’t have had a single release until now!
    Give this a thought :)

  • hasan

    ofcourse she is far more popular and talented than deepika in bollywood. Deepika is improving but no where close to PC as far as her talent is concerned. Deepika too started her career with cat fights and dating big names. She is very average as an actress but was just sheerly lucky this year to get big hits. PC is an intenational recording artist and just go and check their fb pages. Deepika has 3.5 million likes where as PC has 5 million likes.

  • Jennnnn

    Love both… But love Priyanka a little bit more ;)
    Idc what they say about u PC, u the best

  • nikki

    dippy is best always pc is senior so she has more fans but soon deepika ll beat her all the best deep

  • lolzs

    PC is way more famous and she deserves it! Deepika just started getting famous and improving her acting skills but Priyanka is unbeatable I mean come on

  • Vikram

    PRIYANKA is the most popular Indian Actress On Twitter and Facebook, having 4.5+ million followers and 4.9+ million Likes Respectively…. Go And Check It If You Don’t know that…..

  • Manju maharaj

    Priyanka Chopra should be out of Film industry because no body likes.

    I never see a flim if she is acting.

    She has very negative type of face.

    Please push her out from acting.

    Director who is hiring her must be mad.

  • Afreen

    I don’t understabd y ppl r blaming pc’s pr for this news?? Priyanka’s pr has better things to do than to make such news, it’s pure media n they too r bias towards Deepika not Priyanka. Deepika is an awesome actress who is improving day by day but she is also nt tht clean, if pc has controversies she too have them and all followers of Deepika are also not her fans, there are some haters there too!!! Deepika has got 3 movies in 100 crore club so far in an year, Priyanka has also got 3 in two years and if ram leela release is pending, krrish3 release is also pending. Deepika is surely doing superbly for herself and I genuinely like her, but her fans demeaning pc is totally unfair. I mean Priyanka has proven her metal in acting so many times, she is an all rounder, an international artist and there are millions of ppl who truly love her in India and in world. I am one of thm and no matter what ultimate fact is pc HAS GOT more number of followers both on fb and twitter as of now, even after 500 crore mark of Deepika and zanjeer debacle of Priyanka. That speaks for itself. Love u Priyanka always and forever.

  • Afreen

    I fail to understand y ppl r blaming Priyanka’s PR for this news? it’s pure media and tht to bias media, it’s looking more like of deepika’s PR instead of pc’s. Deepika is very talented and doing great for herself no doubt on tht n i genuinely like her but her fans demeaning pc and questioning her talent is totally stupid and unfair. Pc has proven her acting metal time and again since her begining in film industry with Aitraaz to barfi. I agree Zanjeer didn’t work but who doesn’t hv flops. I mean c’mmon deepika is luckyr with 3 movies in 100 crore club in one year but priyanka too has the same number in two diff years and if ram leela is pending so is krrish 3 n m sure it’s gonna break certain records!!! As far as controversies are concerned i guess every celeb has some, if pc hav them deepika is also nt tht clean. And same goes for haters, if all followers of pc r not her fans, same is the case with deepika. Pc is not just an actor, she is an all rounder and an international icon. And no matter what as of now pc has got more followers on fb and twitter too despite of deepika’s 500 crore mark and priyanka’s zanjeer debacle, Tht speaks for itself!! Love u pc always and forever.

  • afreen

    Priyanka is the best and most popular indian female artist. As far as controversies are concerned everybody has them. Love u pc!!!

  • Tejan

    Pc is so beautiful and talanted then Deepika

  • gousang

    Deepika ugly slut with small face and skinny like giraffe

  • shaan

    look frndzz
    dont fight
    I like both the actresses but the truth is priyanka is so many steps ahead than deepika.
    priyanka has unbeatable acting skills, ability to do the given tasks and she is multitalented personality.
    deepika is cute enough but she cant never beat priyanka becoz it doesn’t mttr how many likers of her increasing but she doesn’t have the qualities like priyanka.
    sorry dippy but its true :-)

  • shaan

    look frndzz
    dont fight
    I like both the actresses but the truth is priyanka is so many steps ahead than deepika.
    priyanka has unbeatable acting skills, ability to do the given tasks and she is multitalented personality.
    deepika is cute enough but she cant never beat priyanka becoz it doesn’t mttr how many likers of her increasing but she doesn’t have the qualities like priyanka.
    sorry dippy but its true :-(

  • safia

    priyanka is outstanding

  • Rhea Khanna

    Deepika is amazing i luv her so much!!!!