Is Priyanka Chopra really on B-town’s blacklist?

Is Priyanka Chopra really on B-town’s blacklist?

Looking at the way her career is progressing, we wonder…

Stories about the Agneepath heroine abound and in all of them she is cast as the villain of the piece. It all started when Priyanka Chopra made it more than obvious that she had a huge ‘thing’ – we hesitate to call it a ‘crush’ – about Shahrukh Khan. She burbled and blushed happily on the couch with Shahid Kapoor when Karan Johar asked her about SRK, she tweeted and tittered on the micro-blogging site about Don 2 and everything Shahrukh and she had gone through on the shoots. And the admiration was endless. The two bonded visibly during the promotions for the film and just when we were starting to feel a trifle nauseous at her fawning over him to the extent of being seen as a silly little bimbo, life stepped in.

With wonderfully apt timing the stories started appearing about how SRK’s wife Gauri Khan was getting increasingly annoyed about the actor’s closeness to his bootylicious Piggy Chops. Slowly the campism that Bollywod excels in was becoming evident ; everyone who was friends with Gauri – and there were plenty who claimed that status, since the lady is one of the most powerful in B-town, especially considering who her superstar husband is – was on her side, and there were few that lined up behind Priyanka. The pretty actor was reportedly cold-shouldered at parties and left out of events, all on Gauri’s say-so, direct or just presumed.

We were on our way to believing this, more so when PC went on what she called a 10-day Twitter vipassana, but then she came back with far more than she had allegedly lost –she was rumoured to be signed on to do the remake of Zanjeer with South hottie Ram Charan Teja, she is performing at the IPL opening ceremonies, her single is almost set for release, she has been working on peace-talks with Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan and goodness knows who else…you get the idea? Everywhere you look, PC pops out at you. If she was really non grata in Bollywood, would she be doing everything that she is now? We wonder…Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    so funny… given you were among the firsts to point out that she was persona non grata by other stars and could even be putting her career in danger… and now you’re contradicting yourself… journalism at its true worst. the truth is you make your own conclusions. not one official statement has been made by any of the stars or even by Gauri Khan saying that they disliked PC or that they’d stopped being friends with her or that she was in fact persona non grata. everything was made up by the press via speculations. you guys were not even present at any of the parties where the so-called “exclusion” started. really glad that neither SRK nor Gauri nor PC (or Hrithik and Karan Johar for that matter) stooped low enough to clarify the rumours started by the press. they clearly have better things to do with their time.

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    OMG!!! is it so….. ;0

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  • mano

    she needs to keep her hand off married man. first she went after akshay and twinkle banned her now shes going after srk and gauri will ban her..soon suzana and every other heros wife will ban her as well. she needs to behave