Is Priyanka Chopra the perfect choice for MC Mary Kom’s biopic?

After scouting for a new face for quite some time now, the makers of the film have finally zeroed in on Priyanka as the main lead

Priyanka Chopra is all set to play the protagonist in Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Omang Kumar’s directorial venture, based on the life of Olympic winning boxer MC Mary Kom.

But since it’s a biopic, the initial buzz was that the director wanted everything to be bang on, which is why he wanted someone with oriental features, and someone who could match the mannerisms of Kom. But after lots of auditioning, seems like Mr Kumar either couldn’t find the right candidate or he realised that he needed to make his project commercially viable. There is no doubt that we would love to watch PC pack some mean punches and mesmerise us with her thespian skills par excellence. But is PC the perfect choice to play MC?

Why we think PC is perfect for the role: The actor has the perfect lean bod that can be moulded to suit Mary Kom’s physique. Also, she is fit and agile, has the right attitude and the potential to portray Kom’s life perfectly. In fact, the babe is not leaving a single stone unturned when it comes to doing her homework. We hear she will be training with the MK for four months to learn the ropes of boxing and will also head to Manipur to know more about the athlete’s lifestyle. Chopra has already started with her research and discovered a great deal about the boxer’s family. Her dedication is one reason why we think she’s absolutely apt for this role.

Why we think PC is not a cut out for this role: No matter how much she tries, PeeCee can never look like Mary Kom! Her features are not even remotely similar to MK’s oriental looks. Probably Chopra will make up for the loopholes by working hard on her body language.

Well, we are sure the Chopra chick will quite successfully step into the sporty shoes of the strong boxer, just like the way she took to the mike and launched her groovy music album.