Is Ram-Leela Ranveer Singh’s ticket to the league of big stars?

His recent release got him appreciation from the audience and critics alike. But is this the start of a career going uphill or down the dumps?

Ranveer Singh’s debut in Band Baaja Baaraat got him noticed and appreciated. He’s come a long way since then. His journey has brought him to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela with a few more intriguing films to follow. This week Tarot looks at his upcoming career and whether he can now be considered in the league of big stars.

Ram-Leela comes as a blessing for Ranveer’s career – represented by the Judgement card and the Ten of Pentacles, this film allows him to launch his career into any chosen direction. There is better sense of security with Ranveer finally feeling that he is achieving quality and receiving opportunities he is worthy of. Therefore Ram-Leela does take Ranveer closer to the league of big stars, but he’s not quite there yet. So when and what takes him there?

2013 spelled a great start towards an increase in respect leading to longevity in films, but it’s 2014 that brings more precision to his skill and a development in his choice of films. Outwardly he may not appear so focussed but it’s the Ace of Wands and the Emperor card that leads the belief that he will rise quicker and cement a position for himself sooner than expected.

Although a riskier film, Gunday, with Arjun Kapoor will pay off – he will pull off a balanced performance and be appreciated by various audiences. His adaptability and aggression will lead to films that will be out of the ordinary. He will begin to seek films which transform his image and all that is perceived about him. Whereas Kill Dill will turn out to be more impressive for his career. The next two years are larger and more secure stepping stones, especially as love will start to play a role.

Currently Ranveer isn’t entirely comfortable with the thought of maintaining a love relationship. The Ten of Wands shows it to be more of an additional responsibility to which he will not be able to do justice to. This is something that changes over the course of the next twelve months; as he eases out, he will find accepting and giving love to be a rewarding process. The lady would be like the Queen of Pentacles – a lover of the finer things in life, successful and sure of herself. Her sensuality will be quite an appeal to him.

Overall, 2014 will be a year of growth, not just in work and love, but also in property investment. He may buy a larger home and indulge in its’ renovations. He will stress on financially security of not just himself but those he cares for most. Moving on and moving ahead is what 2014 will be all about.