Is Ramu really serious?

RGV hangs in between the virtual and the real world

Replacing the label of ‘formidable director’ with ‘insensitive human being’, Ram Gopal Varma remains unaffected by other people’s opinions about him. At this point, when the whole nation is singing the same tune – that the verdict in the Maria Susairaj case is unfair – RGV is happily crooning a much different lyric, in his usual brash style. But what’s astonishing is the fact that this man, who portrays a self-opinionated image mainly on the social networking site, Twitter, is an absolutely different person when he comes face to face with the media. He is irritatingly diplomatic and unusually subtle while answering questions related to the case. Recently, on Barkha Dutt’s We The People, RGV’s to-the-point tone was supremely infuriating. When he was accused of coming up with the first look of his new movie Not A Love Story right when the verdict was supposed to be out, with the intention to gain maximum mileage, RGV’s lukewarm and vague reply to that was that he wasn’t aware of the date of the sentencing. After making an appearance on the show he tweeted about his experience. It said that “people who know the least are the ones who speak with most conviction”. RGV’s oscillation between being straightforward and being diplomatic, between the virtual and the real world has jumbled him up to the extent that he fails to even realise his own contradictions, which of course occurs with every turn of phrase!