Is Ranbir Kapoor a threat to Shah Rukh Khan?

The war between the Khans is a passe, now it’s time for face off between upcoming superstars and reigning Khans of B-town

Ranbir Kapoor is certainly proving to be one of the biggest competitors to Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. The actor can easily fit into each one of these ruling heroes shoes perfectly. He’s a sought after bachelor like Sallu, a lover boy like SRK and a perfectionist who experiments with his roles like Aamir. And there’s enough reason for these Khans to be worried about this Kapoor lad’s growing popularity and success. While he’s dating Salman’s ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif, he’s soon taking over Shah Rukh’s endorsement deals.

After replacing King Khan as the brand ambassador for a cola brand, we now hear that RK Jr might just step into the Happy New Year actor’s shoes as the face of a luxury watch brand. Now, this might certainly be a feather on Ranbir’s cap, after all aren’t endorsements a way of weighing an actor’s success too?

BollywoodLifers, do you think Ranbir‘s growing popularity is a threat to the Khans? Post your thoughts in the comment box below…