Is Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif relationship on the verge of break up?

Is Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif relationship on the verge of break up?
Yogen Shah

The latest news doing rounds is that the Bang Bang babe flew to Sri Lanka to spend some quality time with her boyfriend after a break, and this ajab prem ki ghazab kahani is indeed a little complicated now

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s bikini pictures clicked during a holiday in Spain threw the lid off a secretly guarded relationship. Both Ranbir and Kat refused to go public even after this incident. That’s not it, what made matters worse for this couple was when Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed a little more and went on to declare Kat as her sister-in-law. Guess that was just too much for the commitment-phobic Kapoor lad to handle. A khabroo from the industry has now revealed to a gossip website that Ms Kaif who switched from the eternal bachelor of Bollywood Salman Khan‘s gal to being B-town’s ultimate Casanova’s chic is extremely upset about his wandering ways.

And even if both Ranboo and Kat have not taken the plug off their relationship, we hear that the relationship has lost its fizz. Sad na? But the couple is hoping to take time off each other and see if romance will be back in their relationship when they meet again. Katrina is hopelessly hoping that RK Jr will remain loyal to her, especially considering the fact that she went against her friends and well-wishers to start her relationship with Ranbir. It seems that Kat herself is no mood to marry, but she’s looking forward to some kind of commitment from the Kapoor lad.

May be the Dhoom:3 babe should take her co-star Aamir Khan’s advice seriously and rekindle her relationship with Sallu. After all, didn’t we hear SK declare that he’s hoping to marry by the end of this year. May be Kat might just resolve the Kick actor’s quest for his Ms Perfect. Or may be this heroine is well versed with Sallu miyaan‘s sense of humour. However, with Ranbir‘s commitment issue we wonder if this is the end of another love story in Bollywood. Or, will Katrina‘s love win over her beau and the duo will soon be seen romancing on the beaches of Sri Lanka or then some other location.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • BiasedBollywoodlife

    I hate you Bollywoodlife!! All the time your support Deepika and it sucks!Why are you biased?

    ON kwk4 every person said its serious the two are in a serious relationship. Why are you making these kinda nonsense news? Why not about a couple like Ranveer and Deepika? Is she paying you bollywoodlife? Afterall everyone can see between ranveer and deepika its sexual atraction.. so why are you making headlines with rankat not Randeep? lol fuck of you bollywoodlife in your motherfucker face cheap bitches chatne walaaaaass… and if i see in my life you yogen shah i will beat you!

    • adi

      i dont know who u r bt ur 200 percent correct…..i think we should launch an fir against this site….for being so biased………they only support deepika……nd tries to destroy the love we hv for rk……….so cheap nd mean site

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not dating Katrina!! They broke up period it’s over!! The Rankat chapter is closed.

  • Indira

    Katrina Hrithik will marry soon breaking news

  • Amrohi

    My love is always for katrina and my life too- Salman khan said on the event of audi q5 launch

  • deep

    YOU have not written the full story it is also said that ranbir and katrina’s common friends are trying to help them to come close again and it also said that the relationship is still not over. But I want katrina to break up with this kapoor lad live a normal life where she can do more work

    • Rohini Verma

      I hope I get to marry Ranbir. I don’t like Katrina.

      • Romance

        I agree with you!!!!

        • Rohini Verma

          I don’t like Katrina!!

    • sam

      whatever, Keep dreaming.

      • Rohini Verma

        Its true they broke up!

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  • Rohini Verma

    I don’t like Katrina at all! She should marry Hrithik they both cheated on their partners.

  • Rohini Verma

    They broke up. I don’t like Katrina at all! Ranbir deserves a better woman.

  • Romance

    Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika will hope back again with Ranbir !!! Ranbir Kapoor will break up Katrina !!! and Katrina need new boyfriend or Katrina and Hrithik will marry soon!

  • Romance

    Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika will hope back again with Ranbir. Ranbir will break up Katrina . Katrina new boyfriend , maybe I guess Katrina and Hrithik will marry soon .

    • Rohini Verma

      I hope she marries Hrithik. They deserve each other after all they both are old too.

      • truth

        O ya . And deepika cheated nihar pandiya. She is getting very good for breaking nihars heart . Karma just bite her ass and its still paining her even after 5 years of break up. Katrina is going to dump ranbir , 100 % . And than ranbir will never be able to forget katrina the way deepika is not able to forget katrina.

        • Rohini Verma

          Well Ranbir broke up with Katrina. They are not together. Ranbir deserves a better woman. This Katrina doesn’t deserve him at all! I don’t like her I’m sorry

  • Anonymous

    ha ha what it has to do with Deepika… Ran-Kat relationship was nothing but an infatuation… It was never a love thing… Ranbir had to go back to Katrina because of DP’s refusal when she caught him red handed with Katrina… But y u drag DP for everything.. Is it so difficult to digest for u guyss that Ran-Kat relationship was just an attraction nothing else n it had no hopes to last..

  • humesh kureshi

    Katrinais a big time bitch with no acting skills… She used Salman Khan for her career and now he is after Ranbir kapoor for his SIR name. A bitch who started her career with movie like “BOOM” must try for PORN movies(she can do much better than bollywood movies). and there is no comparison with Deepika. She has Achieved all the success and self made unlike Katrina.

    • truth

      Ya exactly , deepika is self made , without single rejection in audition , without strugging a single bit , but why ??? Oh yes , coz her boyfriend was suggesting her to alk his director friends be it imtiyaz , karan or ayan . Deepika was very right all her success credit should go to ranbir , not coz he broke her heart coz he supported her in low phase of her career and suggested her name to his director friends.

  • sam

    This site is full of crap. We should completely boycott this site for anti RanbirKapoor. Looks like paid by deepu despo pr gency

    • adi

      u r absolutely right ………this is an anti rk site ……..all indians should boycott it

  • zoya

    yes they broke up i want katrina to go back to salman they look so hot together they were the hottest couple

    • green

      Lekh ke doon , katrina ia never going to go back to salman even if rankat broke up. Coz salman loves illulia vantur and salman has closed all the doors of katrina comming back into his life by not signing any future movies with her . He wants to be faithful to illulia

  • zoya

    of bollywood

  • guest

    Ranbir has been trying to get back to Deepika since the makingof YJHD. He is tired of cheeseboard face and what I think said: slutrina’s feeble mind — giggling like a 12 year old and acting like one.
    Anyways, don’t forget, Rishi Kapoor called Deepika ‘bahurani’ while he made it clear he does not aprove of slutrina.

    Seriously, I hope Deepika does not go back to Ranbir — Disaster Zone — he’s a psychological mess.

  • guest

    HAHAHA. Deepika does not have to pay for anything. Her work is recognised. Directors drool over her acting skills. Shekar Kapur is enthralled with her Leela that he says she has added many layers to the juliet that even Shakespeare did not think of.

    LOSERS! aLL Anti Deepika commenters.

    Get real. Face the facts.

    Deepika Padukone is named as one of the 30 most beautiful
    women in the world. Katrina, with white
    ass, never even was listed. Know
    why? Americans and Europeans appreciate
    real beauty. And real talent. They have enough pole dancers who are way
    above Katrina’s Item girl forced movements because her own trainer says Katrina
    has an Inflexible body. Savvy?? She’s
    much older than Ranbir despite all that little girl frocks and hair bands, a giggling
    twit. Give a couple more years, pro-Katrinas.
    What will you do when Gravity Rules?
    Commit seppuku?

    I forgot to add this piece in last comment. Thank you Zee for space.