Is Ranbir Kapoor becoming mannerless?

Going by what Ranbir is doing in his forthcoming film, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, one can draw a definite conclusion that his heart, if not the Kapoor scion himself, is mannerless

We at Bollywood endorse everything that gets us grooving. And Ranbir Kapoor’s latest number, Badtameez dil from his forthcoming movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has certainly kept our feet tapping. The Kapoor lad is seen having a blast in this high voltage party song. RK’s pelvic thrust certainly stimulated our grey matter and we too decide to go over the top in our endeavour to convert this song into English absolutely word-for-word. The result of our kick ass attempt is for all to see. Take a look!


Paan me pudina dekhaa, naak ka nagina dekha..

Chikni chameli dekhi, chiknaa kamina dekha..

Jaan-e-jigar hoke cheat kiya..

Toh sare tare bole, gilli gilli aa..


In the leaf I have seen mint, in the nose I have seen a jewel

Charming chameli seen, charming jerk seen

Life-ye-heart became I cheated

Then all stars said wet wet come


Meri baat teri baat..

Zyada baatein buri baat..

Thali mein katora leke,

Aalu-bhat, puri-bhat

Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiya to saala…

Maine tere munh pe mara mukka….


My talk yours talk

More talk bad talk

In dish with bowl

Potato rice puri rice

Behind me someone if repeats then bastard

I punched your face


Ispe bhoot koi chadha hai, thehrna jaane na…

Ab to Kya bura kya bhala hai, fark pehchane na…

Zid pakad ke khada hai kambakht, chodna jane na..

Badtameez dil, badtameez dil, battameez dil mane na, mane na..


On him some ghost has mounted, stop don’t know

Now what bad what good, difference you spot no

Stubbornness held he is standing jerk, leave don’t go

mannerless heart, mannerless heart, mannerless heart doesn’t listen


Ye jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai..jane na, jane na..

Badtameez Dil, badtameez dil, battameez dil mane na…


This is the situation, question is, magic is, don’t know, don’t know

mannerless heart, mannerless heart, mannerless heart doesn’t listen


Now considering that RK has given us a high-octane dance number, we can’t wait to watch the other chart-busters from the same film!