Is Ranbir Kapoor going to marry Katrina Kaif?

Ranbir Kapoor to propose Katrina Kaif
Yogen Shah

While Ranbir and Kat have always played it safe when it comes their relationships status, their sizzling chemistry was enough to tell us what was brewing between the two

Going by the garma garam khabar, it seems Ranbir Kapoor is ready to take the plunge finally! We don’t know when the Kapoor lad will actually tie the knot but we hear he is planning to pop up the big the question to her alleged long time girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Apparently, Ranboo is even planning to come out in public about his relationship. While rumours were doing the rounds that Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh weren’t happy with their son’s choice, the duo seems to have come around eventually. It is believed that only after Ranbir got a green signal from his parents that he has decided to propose Kat on his birthday.

If this happens, we are sure millions of hearts are going to break as the heartthrob of B-town would no longer be available. We are sure Ms Kaif won’t mind that at all, no?

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  • niki

    They are the cutest couple….hope they get married for real.

    • Sam

      Katrina is still in love with Salman she doesn’t want Ranbir.

      • Arjun

        Ya !!!!! That’s right……….frnd…..

    • noor fatima

      hi im noor fatima u r right its an beautiful couple im a graet and bif fan of ranbeer kapoor he is very special to me

      • Bivash Sarkar

        Thnks…. comnts 4 ========RANBIR & kATRINA…

      • arhaan khan

        they are not asking about that you are likes to ranveer and any others..

  • Sonia

    The premature end to a promising career. His, I mean.

  • Ariana

    Katrina is still in love with Salman Khan and not Ranbir!

  • Kitty

    Congratulations to both of them…they will make a great pair and cute babies!!!

  • mahb

    stupids salman was not of her level ,she was foolign around with a over aged man .now ranbir is just the person she should b maried to..

    • ralph

      You fool.. Katrina has been fooling YOU over the past 10 years..
      SHE is 42 herself.. right now..

      Her other coworkers can vouch for that.. they are both 42 right now

    • nina

      If u both love each other …. just take the awsome step of marriage!

      U both are talented and soo ur carrer will go on!

      And forget about that stupid deepika………….she is worthless!

      and im sure sallu will get of of all this love him too!

      RANBIR KATRINA .. made for each other

  • Juhi

    If this is true then i am very happy for our cutie pie ranbir seriously u r going right.if u love her then don’t have to affaraid with anything

  • jhanvi

    God!!…..what d hell r u thinking Ranbir!
    U shud get back to deepika ,, u two r made for each other
    Not that stupid white cat!! :-$ :-[

    • ela trivedi

      white people love men and money but kat case she did get ranvir but slu.
      if she not faitfull for sau how can she will be with ranvir? so beta ranvir
      thinks twice befor life and wife?

    • sonam

      u r ryt jhanvi

    • bhumika

      stop nonsense who are saying that go back to that stupid deepika

  • Ralph

    YSS!!! thank goodness..

    Please please please.. get this kat out of our movie screens ranbir..
    and we do not want to see you either.. and I have a strong feeling that this movie will end both of your careers together.. because public perception of your coupledom has never been lower! Every one hates you together.. except offcourse for your PR team..
    So hopefully public can kill 2 birds in ONE stone with this marriage.

  • DK

    Kat should not forget Salman’s help in Bollywood and Salman too


    hope they will get married soon….they look soooo hot together..made for each other

    • deepika

      no wayss.. i think ranbir should get back to deepika …. they both r made for each otherr… and that katrina is very much better without ranbirr… soo… its gud if she stay away from ranbir..

  • vinay

    They have never look good with each other.
    Ranbir should get back to deepika .They will make a cute couple on offscreen as well .

  • tisha

    its a right choice ranbir better than that skeleton call girl dippy who just love to cheat boys Katrina truly loves him u
    tell who is better the cheater or lover ?

    • snigdha

      oooooooo………..deepi is cheater??jara socho isi liye to katrina career banane keliye salman ko date kya.aur ab acchi bahu ranii ban jayegi.huh!ranbir to bohut accha hain na!!usne dippy k sath jo kya use cheating nehi kahoge???thik hi saytan aur BESARAM ek sath rahenge,accha hain.chalte raho…..

      • soanl

        wow thats the best comment waise toh i hate all af them but i wish woh idiot ranbir deepika ko phir se lele aur woh kutti kamini na ghar ki rahe na ghaat ki

    • Rohini

      Katrina doesn’t love him! I love him alot.

  • lina

    ranbir was wayy better with deepika… katrina can’t even act, her hindi is horrible… and the only reason she’s famous is becaused of her item songs and her relationship with salman khan.

  • aarvi

    Ranveer Deepika is best jodi

    • khan

      i hate kat for leaving sallu

    • Eman

      I think u are right Ranbir and Deepika are the best

  • Mayanka D

    If Ranbir Kapoor has any sense he won’t get married now. It is clearly not the best thing for him professionally. And he’s too good an actor to mess things up.

    But he has disappointed me by publicly lying about their relationship for so long.

    I’ve never had much of an opinion about Katrina so disappointment doesn’t come into play where she is concerned.

  • deepsi

    ranbir n deepika makes the best couple

  • utkarsh Mishra

    It will better that if Katrina marry with Ranveer Kapoor

    • Rohini

      I hate Katrina. Thank god Ranbir is not marrying her. I hope I can marry him!

  • Salman Khan

    wdf is this…

  • pratham srivastava

    very dirty

  • Eman

    I hope Ranbir gets married to Deepika because they looked awesome in yeh jawani hai dewani.Katrina only looks nice with salman!!!

  • Eman

    I love Katrina kaif but she is only perfect for salman but Ranbir and Deepika are ment for each other

  • Eman

    I hope that Ranbir marries either Deepika or then Deepika he looks best with Deepika I wish katrina was my sister so I would have made her understand that marry salman my cousin don’t marry Ranbir because salman khan is my cousin and if katrina will marry salman she will be my cousin which will be totally awesome I hope that happens and Ranbir rocks but Deepika is awesome with you since yeh jawani hai deewani please reply to comments people

  • Eman

    I hope Ranbir gets married to Evelyn Sharma or then Deepika Padukone because these two girls look awesome with Ranbir

  • Aliya

    According to me deepika Is the worst actress ever. She has cheated many of her ex-beaus. Her first love siddharth Mallya she cheated him then she went to other 3 persons and dumped them. Then went to the future srk after that ranveer I am pretty sure she will dump him. Kat I just love u

  • Fareedstanikzai

    i just want 2 say that salman khan is best for katrina kaif will be a good couple …………..?

  • Rohini

    I hope I marry him. I hate Katrina she doesn’t deserve him at all. First she follows him around in traveling then she uses his name to be in the lime light shame on her! They are not a couple!

  • Raj

    Love is like a game for them .leave one & play wit other for getting fame . If kat has forget salman being a godfather in bollywood. If kat really love ranbir then why she is nt confessing so that everybody can know & wil respect to her decision . Orelse wil she again ditch ranbir also later….

    • Jasmine

      True very much true.

  • Jasmine

    What Rubbish yaar?

  • shrishti ojha

    they are the couples which are made for each other….

  • dsbhfn

    katrina is not in love with salman khan she is just in love with ranbir kapoor

  • srishti

    Deepika’s perfect match is ranbir not ranveer and same for

  • raghav

    I think that Deepika is better than Katrina

  • raghav

    I think that he should get back to Deepika………

  • reena

    Ranbir and katrina are the best couple. I love kat and ranbir very… much lekin katrina ne salman k sath achha nahi kia.

  • vibin Rockzz Rsf

    What the f… U Stupid Go Back to Deepika She Is the Right choice For You Not This Stupid kat This Girl Only knows to flirt Others

  • G


  • Dreamy Girl

    This couple is the perfect recipe for DISASTER……