Is Ranbir Kapoor in love?

The young Casanova of Bollywood has no control over his heart…at least that’s what he proclaims!

Ranbir Kapoor is cute, charming and extremely adorable in his forthcoming release Barfi! The Anurag Basu production is a promisingly different love story that also stars Priyanka Chopra and newbie Illeana D’Cruz. We tried to translate the Main kya karoon track of the film into English, just to find out what makes Ranbir go head over heels in love with young Illeana. Sadly,the mushy number and its lovey-dovey essence got lost in translation!


Dil yeh mera bas mein nahi

Pehle kabhi aisa hota tha nahi


Heart this mine not in control

Before like this never happened


Tu hi bata iss dil ka main

Ab kya karoon


You only tell  now what should I do with this heart?


Kehne pe chalta nahi

Kuch dino se meri bhi sunta nahi


When told, this doesn’t walk

Since some days doesn’t even listen to me


Tu hi bata iss dil ka

Main uff ab main kya karoon

Main kya karoon

Iss dil kya karoon main kya karoon


Now you only tell oh what should I do?

What should I do with this heart?