Is Ranbir Kapoor India’s biggest superstar ever?

Ranbir Kapoor
Yogen Shah

Besharam filmmaker Abhinav Kashyap recently stated that only ‘India’s biggest superstar’ (Ranbir Kapoor) could pull off the Besharam role. Has the filmmaker gone a little too far in praising the star of his latest film? We wonder what Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan would say to Kashyap’s super-sized statement!

Every filmmaker – successful or relatively new – has to cater to his lead actor’s mammoth ego, tantrums and starry demands, at least until his film releases. Something like this happened with Abhinav Kashyap too, as he dealt with his Besharam star Ranbir Kapoor, whom he considers to be the country’s biggest superstar. But still, Kashyap isn’t complaining!

Not many may know this: Abhinav’s much-anticipated quirky comedy Besharam starring Ranbir Kapoor and debutant Pallavi Sharda started swimming in troubled waters during the pre-production stage itself. The problem was with the price demanded by the Kapoor lad to play the title role. Initially, Kashyap’s hero demanded a whopping Rs 20 crore, which was not acceptable to or affordable by the producers Viacom 18, but we heard that eventually Rs 15 crore was decided as Ranboo’s remuneration, besides 70 percent of the profit.

Considering the Dabangg director’s new movie is releasing soon, Kashyap has stated that he considers Ranbir to be the biggest superstar of the country, also asserting that the actor will stay on top for the next 15-20 years! Really, Abhinav? At the song launch of Besharam, Kashyap was all praises for B-town’s youngest heartthrob: “I think the point of the title Besharam is not that you become shameless. But it means, don’t be afraid of what society or the world thinks or says about you. If you have your own thought process and point of view, it doesn’t have to be what the world says is right or wrong.”

There’s no denying Ranboo’s growing popularity and success rate as far as his films are concerned, but is he really ‘India’s biggest superstar’? What do you think, peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sara

    He is a great actor
    but it takes far more to be a star
    which Ranbir does not have and will never have

  • hareesh

    of course he is the superstar

  • Anne

    Talented no! , by Bollywood standard maybe!! ” alas he is like some others in Bollywood they are their fathers’ sons and pushed up the proverbial ladder” but he will reign for a very wee while!
    But for charsima you need what Shahrukh and Salman have and that you are not given by directors who are using you while you are in your hey day!!!
    Ride on Khan boys you have some glory days yet especially Shahrukh who has a worldwide fan base, unlike the other two Khans!

  • Adnan khan

    I think he(AK) had gone to mad. He poved his madness in the past to say that Salman khan forgets his lines althouh he(SK) is one of the most bankable actor in bollywood and working since hopping/ unbelievable 25 years in bollywood. Besides he has a great fan following in his kity. And now he(ak) become over confidence about the unsensible playboy Ranbir kapoor who doesn’t know what he have to do or what not. Already he(rk) he had done an unsensible thing in spain. Really he had(ak) lost his sense fully.

  • yana

    yes he is. he is the biggest actor ever no doubt but still not the biggest bt big superstar.

  • chand

    he is cute but no not super star still too young….amir khan n salman khan r super star…..sorry ranbir still gotta long way 2 go

  • zulekha

    never salman is the evergreen and superstar of bollywood

  • shameem malik

    I think Abhinav kashyap is mad. If we talk about super stardom he is very far from Dilip kumar, Big B, SRk, Aamir and salman. As far as acting is concerned Naseeruddin shah is Muchhhhhh ahead of him. He is just best among the younger lot.

  • Anil j singh

    If we are not clouded by prejudice then he is the biggest superstar and he is the new Raj Kapoor.

  • daiching tamu

    Absolutely yes…
    and i m sure that after 10 years, he will be some1 more than BIG B which every1 will remember