Is Ranbir Kapoor scared of Salman Khan?

Is Ranbir Kapoor scared of Salman Khan?

The Barfi! boy is avoiding direct competition from the Dabangg dude

Ranbir Kapoor might have bagged many awards and won incredible popularity for his commendable performance in Anurag Basu’s widely acclaimed film Barfi!. The blue-eyed Kapoor chap is certainly the ultimate heartthrob of the nation who has also become a youth icon of sorts with his acting skills and his debonair personality. He is clearly a tremendous acting talent and a potential superstar, but the 30-year-old is not yet ready to take on the baadshah of box office-Salman Khan.

We hear that Ranbir is not particularly happy about the fact that he’s upcoming film Besharam is planned to be released with Salman Khan’s next Mental. Even though director Abhinav Kashyap is confident about his film’s fate at BO, the young actor doesn’t want his movie to clash with the mighty Khan’s venture.  A little birdie has chirped to us that Ranbir has even suggested that they move the  release date date so that Besharm doesn’t clash with Sallu’s Mental which is slated to release on October 2.

Ranbir and Salman, as far as we know, are not exactly the best of friends. Sallu’s equation with Besharam director Kashyap has also turned sour after Arbaaz Khan decided to direct Dabangg 2. Kashyap wants Ranbir to take on Salman openly, bur the Kapoor lad is not willing to rush into things and challenge the mighty Khan. We wonder what happens if these two films release on the same date? You tell us Bollywoodlifers will Ranbir overpower Sallu if his movie releases with bhai’s Mental?

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  • KK

    If Ranbir clashes with Salman, Besharam will flop BADLY!

    • lewis sian

      salman movie wil b da bst nd alwys be evr

  • prem

    abhinav is not very wise if he thinks his movie actaually has a chance at bo with salmans film. I don’t think even big actors are and directors are willing to take this risk so abhinav should stray away from this clash or besharam will flop badly. I honestly don’t think ranbir should take this risk cause it will not do him any good.

  • Ashley

    Ranbir should not call trouble for himself …. ;-)

  • Anita

    If Salman’s movie is out….thats the one I am watching.
    Ranbir is only “being smart”. Salman has a great fan following.

  • ase

    salman is da best khan…many fan

  • sophie

    if both release together.i am watching Mental…Salman rocks..

  • Saif

    Ranbir should move ahead of Salman Khan movie…

  • sameer khan

    abhinav kashyap wants to clash with salmann.still dos’t know salman.he was thinking he can’t do anythig without him.we saw dabang2 salmaniaaaaaaa

  • sameer khan

    beta release to karo tab dekhna salman ka power

  • sammer khan


  • ashish dey

    salman is rocks on mental movies……..

  • Pooja

    I m a big fan of Ranbir bt i knw very well salman is the biggest star of bollywood n he has huge fan following bt m sure abt my Rk too. He is also a popular star and people wants to see him so if mental and besharam realise together, besharam will also be a super hit and it can earn almost 100 crs.

    Best of luck my baby (Ranbir)

  • riya

    salman may be a bigger star right now, but I think i’ll choose ranbir’s film over his as, for me, ranbir is a much better actor and his film choice is great! then maybe after a week or so i’ll watch salman’s film too obviously !

  • walid mulla

    baysharam hai who agar tumey malum houkar salman kayopposite releas kiya tou ….. Agar isney same day release kiya tou ranbir ….hum sarey salman fand terey pitcher nahi dekheygay …. Thoda sharam rakh

  • Pantaloon Shocker

    As a fact , we all know that Salman Khan is the King of Bollywood right now . . .
    So, why forget the Being Human . . . . He is and always the top . . Mental might earn atleast 215 crs in my imagination . . .

  • Choyon

    Ranbir tu to gaya kamse.salman is the best

  • gp

    not at all.
    but it will be commercial loss for both sharing theaters so it is not worth it!
    all blind eyed fans don’t understand how much money and hard work involved in making movies.

  • Mine

    Every body should be affraid of this Criminal. He is the Virus in Bollywood, And RK is by far a great Actor where as lallu Monkey well he has his places The JAIL. I guess Hehe

    • Jargan

      Even ranbir should be afraid of salman coz he creates viral in box office. We love u salman

  • Jargan

    I would prefer mental coz I love to see salman then ranbir

  • Sangam

    Salman salman salman we love u

  • srk

    Beta Ranbir itna bada tu nai hua abi joh Salman se takkar le raha Amma se pu6ke aa apni Salman kaun h bataiegi teko

  • Brand SRk

    Boss….. dont do dat..!!!!
    only SRK has the power to clash with salman….!!!
    and evn they r thinking to avoid clash of themselves!!!

    • venceslas

      U’re right man,a clash between srk and sallu would be a cataclysm at BO

  • Priya

    Pahle Ranbir ne realise date rakha tha agar salman itna bada star hai to kya jaroorat hai holiday wickend par film realise karne ki. Without holiday film realise karke dikhaye

  • Srk

    Priya Ready kab release huiey thi aur Salman ko takkar aaj ke date me de sakta h toh srk wobi haar jayega paile srk tha ab salman h aaj ke date 1 n nly 1 salman khan

  • Priya

    Yes u r right salman to bada star hai hi but i don’t think abt srk agar srk bada star hota to ek tha tiger or himmatwala jaisi filmo ka sahara nahi leta
    Thank god Ranbir aisa nahi karta hai

  • ppppppppppppp

    salman is my permanant crush… bt i am also fan of ranbir kapoor…so i will watch both films

  • Pratik

    salman movie wil b da bst nd alwys be evr

    • pankh

      salman is one of the best