Is Ranbir Kapoor scared of Salman Khan?

The Barfi! boy is avoiding direct competition from the Dabangg dude

Ranbir Kapoor might have bagged many awards and won incredible popularity for his commendable performance in Anurag Basu’s widely acclaimed film Barfi!. The blue-eyed Kapoor chap is certainly the ultimate heartthrob of the nation who has also become a youth icon of sorts with his acting skills and his debonair personality. He is clearly a tremendous acting talent and a potential superstar, but the 30-year-old is not yet ready to take on the baadshah of box office-Salman Khan.

We hear that Ranbir is not particularly happy about the fact that he’s upcoming film Besharam is planned to be released with Salman Khan’s next Mental. Even though director Abhinav Kashyap is confident about his film’s fate at BO, the young actor doesn’t want his movie to clash with the mighty Khan’s venture.  A little birdie has chirped to us that Ranbir has even suggested that they move the  release date date so that Besharm doesn’t clash with Sallu’s Mental which is slated to release on October 2.

Ranbir and Salman, as far as we know, are not exactly the best of friends. Sallu’s equation with Besharam director Kashyap has also turned sour after Arbaaz Khan decided to direct Dabangg 2. Kashyap wants Ranbir to take on Salman openly, bur the Kapoor lad is not willing to rush into things and challenge the mighty Khan. We wonder what happens if these two films release on the same date? You tell us Bollywoodlifers will Ranbir overpower Sallu if his movie releases with bhai’s Mental?