Is Ranbir Kapoor training a little too hard for Bombay Velvet?

The Barfi! star injured his back while training to be a street fighter for his next

For all the fans out there who are complaining that they haven’t seen Ranbir Kapoor put on a six pack, worry not, for the actor’s training hard to get a great looking body. In fact, he’s been working so hard that young star almost broke his back!

Ranbir is apparently getting into a good shape for Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet where he plays a street fighter from the ‘60s. And while the actor was undergoing some grueling Mixed Martial Arts training, he injured his back and is out of action for a whole week. “I’m on a week-long break. But I have some time as the filming only starts in about two months. I hope my back heals soon so I can resume training quickly,” said Ranbir in a recent interview. He is also seeking a physiotherapist’s help to set his injured back straight.

And Ranbir is not working on his body alone. He will also have to deal with the intricate, psychological details of the character later. See, we told you the guy is training hard! But Ranboo, we just hope you don’t go overboard with your mental and physical training..

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