Is Ranbir Kapoor trying to ease Katrina Kaif into the Kapoor khandaan?

While Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh may think that their ladla beta is just having fun dating pretty girls and is not yet ready for marriage, Ranbir seems to be making it quite clear that he is in a serious relationship this time…

He belongs to the Kapoor khandaan, is talented and the nation’s heartthrob. Any girl would love to date Ranbir Kapoor – that’s what papa Rishi Kapoor said in an interview and we have to agree with him. But looks like the Kapoor lad is done with dating and ready to take the plunge, whether his parents agree or not. And that’s the reason wethinks he turns up at every social do with his still ‘alleged’ girlfriend Katrina Kaif, despite all the hoopla around their personal life. In fact, Ms Kaif is also slowly warming up to Ranboo’s family, though her relationship with Neetu Singh and Rishi is still not thrillingly happy, we are told. But there is a lovely togetherness that the young couple shares, going to parties, celebrations and holidays hand-in-hand…if only they would admit to it to the rest of the world! And that togetherness is not spreading its reach through the Kapoor clan.

For starters, the Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani co-stars were recently spotted at Karan Johar’s party. Ranbir’s cousin sister Kareena Kapoor Khan was also present at the venue and we hear the trio partied hard all night. We saw the two lovely ladies exchange hugs as they left the do. Some family bonding happening – right, RK? That’s not all. When the Dhoom:3 babe was in Sri Lanka keeping her beau company, our khufiya khabroo told us Kat was taken aback by the attention and star-wife treatment she received during her stay. Ms K, get use to these perks; after all, you’re headed to being a Kapoor bahu, hai na?

While RK junior is trying hard to make his ‘special friend’ comfy with his khandaan and vice versa, we aren’t sure how long his parents are going to take to come around. They aren’t really happy with the way the Ranbir-Katrina prem kahaani has taken shape, especially after their Spanish holiday got busted and Katrina’s bikini-clad photos were splashed all over the media. But that’s all in the past; as of now, the two lovebirds seem inseparable. And if Kat has managed to change Ranboo’s Casanova image, there is no reason why Rishi and Neetu won’t welcome her into their family, wethinks. The ways things are going, we are sure dilwale dhulanya le jayaegabahut jald!

PS: Really hoping we are right about Ranbir being a changed man!