Is Ranveer Singh following Deepika Padukone’s diktat?

Is Ranveer Singh following Deepika Padukone's diktat?
Yogen Shah

Just a few days back, we had reported how Deepika has asked her alleged boyfriend not to speak her and their relationship in public. And looks like Ranveer is following DP’s instructions quite obediently…

We all want to know what’s brewing between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. While Ms Padukone has preferred to stay mum on her relationship status, Singh on  many occasions has said that he is in love. No guesses with whom, right? But Ranveer who has always been vocal about his feelings has now decided to keep personal things personal, it seems. We say so coz RS got really upset when he was repeatedly asked about his alleged ladylove Deepika and their recent New York vacation at the recent press conference of Gunday. In fact, the boisterous actor remained silent and let his co-star Arjun Singh and director Ali Abbas Zafar to do all the talking on his behalf. While Ranveer answered few questions and spoke about love, the actor lost his cool as mediawalas kept asking him about his personal life. Singh said, “Focus on ‘Gunday‘.”

But that didn’t work as reporters continued asking him about personal questions. The otherwise calm and cool Ranveer so was miffed by then, that he didn’t hesitate to give his peace of mind and said, ”What is this happening, is this the Gunday film press conference or my interrogation.” Now that’s not the Ranveer we know, right. But we can’t blame the Band Baaja Baaraat star for not spilling the beans. After all, he has received strict orders from high court (read: Deepika), remember?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Bollywood_Confession

    lol he should get some privicy


    and it is arjun KAPOOR NOT SINGH

  • manssor

    kaala kaali are again following eachother, i heard they are married

    • Rashmi

      Shut upppppppp U idiot

    • rituparna

      shame on you man

  • kaajal

    Deepika is completely fail in relationships bcoz she dont have the tact to handle a bf she seems over possessive, peeche parna.. so these things are not successful she should learn from Katrina kareena how she handle salman for 8 yr and now ranbir and same with kareena for saif

    • diamond kb

      of course clearly she handled salman for 8 years so that she bags more movies otherwise she would be a no body without any acting talent what so ever. now she is with ranbir kapoor so she can get the kapoor name bag movies from big directors.