Is Rashami Desai heading for a divorce?

The television actor drops her husband’s surname

Rashami Desai, better known as Tapasya Thakur from Uttaran on Colors, seems to be heading for a divorce. Even if not, it surely looks like that as she recently decided to drop her husband- Nandish Sandhu’s surname from her name.

The two actors got hitched in February 2011 and seemed to be going steady for over a year but now it seems that the water is no more flowing under the bridge. Things started coming in the open once she stopped pressing on reporters to use her husband’s surname after her maiden name, which used to be a norm in the past. The Uttaran actor now prefers to go with her maiden name instead.

When asked by a leading newspaper, the pretty TV actor courted any speculations by saying, “What’s in a name?” No Rashami, there is definitely nothing in a name, until we start reading between the lines. What do you think peeps?