Is Reliance Entertainment taking over Dev Anand’s Navketan banner?

Son Suniel Anand is also in contention and doesn’t want the banner to go to Anil Ambani’s group company

Dev Anand owned the rights to the Navketan banner and also the Anand recording studio. He also was the owner of the 32 films that the production house had financed. But it seems Reliance Entertainment is not going to let it stay that way.

A little birdie informed us that Reliance Entertainment is trying to buy the rights to all of that. Also, Dev Anand’s son Suniel is fighting to keep them all, as a legacy of his father. He doesn’t want any of them to be going off to any other company. Suniel informed “I don’t know who is spreading these rumours. I am currently busy with my film, The Vagator Mixer. It has a Hollywood crew and is being shot abroad.” He maintained that there is renovation work going on with the studio and that is being managed by Reliance Entertainment.

No one is confirming any news yet, so we don’t know which party to believe. As ardent fans of the Navketan banner, we definitely want the same to stay in the family of the Anands. But as zealous fans of seeing better movies come out of Anand studio, we want it to have a better owner in Anil Ambani’s Reliance Entertainment. After all, Suniel Anand doesn’t seem to be making good enough money to keep afloat the banner. On the other hand, Reliance Entertainment would renovate the studios and start coming up with good films under the Navketan banner. What do you think should happen peeps?