Is Saif Ali Khan going overboard with his damage control?

The Nawab of Pataudi usually stays off the media radar, but this time he seems to be inspired by King Khan as far as the promotion of his new film Agent Vinod is concerned

It could be a matter of sheer coincidence, but holding a second press conference within 48 hours of his infamous brawl makes us think otherwise. The press meet was held to announce the strategic alliance with World Series Hockey, but the only thing everyone was interested in knowing was, what exactly happened at the restaurant at the Taj hotel and who exactly was guilty. Saif said, “As I have already said in my last press conference last night, there are two sides of the story. Whatever that has been reported by them (Iqbal Sharma and his father-in-law) is not exactly correct.” On being probed further, the actor tried to deflect all questions related to the assault case. He said, “I have faith in the law of court and they will be the best to decide about this case.”

His repetitive defensive stance tells us that there is more to it than he would like us to know, but seriously, we have had enough of the whole brouhaha. It was just a brawl where nobody was seriously injured and national heritage property wasn’t damaged, so what is all the song and dance about? Wethinks the actual ‘strategic alliance’ is between Saif’s film and the now-so-notorious-brawl and the makers of Agent Vinod are milking it dry for all its worth. Of course, we are now starting to wonder, what is Kareena doing in all this? Shooting for Heroine or keeping a discreet distance from the mess?

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