Is Sallu trying to start a Kat-Kareena catfight?

Sat, July 23, 2011 11:00am IST by
Is Sallu trying to start a Kat-Kareena catfight?

Salman Khan seems to have developed a new interest – creating cat fights between stars in B-town, all with a wicked glint in his eye

Just when we thought this beefy actor was all done with the brawl business, he proved us wrong. Recently, at the first look event of his new movie Bodyguard, when a journo asked him who in the industry doesn’t really need a bodyguard, the actor looked around drolly, rolled his eyes and replied, “Well, we have a lot of actors who don’t need a bodyguard, but still roam around with one.” After pushing him a little to give some names, he responded, by first looking at his co-star Kareena Kapoor standing next to him and then saying, with a sly smile, “Kareena was saying that Katrina doesn’t need a bodyguard, but she still walks around with one.” Kareena looked embarrassed and tried to defend herself, but Sallu didn’t seem to budge and continued mocking her. We can only draw two inferences from this: Sallu is either playing safe by naming names he knows are not going to land him in trouble or he really needs a hot new controversy in his life - maybe he’s so used to them by now that he misses having a new one every now and then. An altercation between Kareena and Katrina might just satiate his need for a new high. All we can say is, if Sallu bhai reads this, we will definitely need not one, but maybe a whole team of bodyguards…Subscribe to me on YouTube


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