Is Salman Khan a good friend?

Sat, February 18, 2012 12:00pm IST by
Is Salman Khan a good friend?

Apart from his charity, Being Human, and a lot of other good works, the superstar also goes out of his way to help his buddies in B-town

You know all about how Salman Khan has been instrumental in making Katrina Kaif who she is…career-wise, of course! And both you and we have seen how he has helped starlets like Zarine Khan and Mahek Chahal, Sneha Ullal and Hazel Keech, none of whom have managed to reach even starlet status. He has also been the catalyst for some of the best hot-bods in B-town, from Hrithik Roshan to the young Arjun Kapoor, Boney’s son, to get into superb shape. And now we hear he is going one step further in the name of friendship – our buddy the birdie told us that he has asked his Bodyguard director, Siddique, to take on Aamir Khan in his next. Siddique did want to work with Salman again, but apparently the script would be better suited to the Ghajini guy, the Dabangg dude felt. And he was even willing to speak to the actor if the director wanted him to, the buzz insisted. None of this is substantiated; in fact, Siddique says that he has to finish working on the script before he thinks of casting anyone, so we wait to find out more. Of course, all this makes us wonder: are Salman and Aamir on the same side because they are friends and so on and so forth, or are they bonded against a certain superstar actor who recently made a rather unfortunately unsuccessful film starring himself wearing a funny rubber bodysuit? Wonder what Shahrukh Khan says to this one!

And along the way, we thought of something we had forgotten about. In the Bollywoodlife poll on which male star has the best butt, we left out Salman Khan. You may think it was because we plain forgot, but we had logic on our side in this decision. You see, if we had included Salman, he would have won not because he does have the best rear-view, oh no! He would have walked off with the honours – probably tucked into theback pocket of his jeans – because he has such a huge fan base, a lot of which looks at any story on Salman Khan on our site. And that would be a definite bias that would skew the results of any poll. No?

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  • vidya

    But you know, he does have one of the best butts. Not only fans but anybody who has eyes, will tell you this.

    • shanti

      He is vary helpfull nature I like this He is vary smart person You are no. 1 Hero I love to all he does have one of the best butts. Not only fans but anybody who has eyes, will tell you this

      • shivam singh

        salman bhai is atractig person

        • ashwani pandey

          salman is dabang

  • vidya

    You forgot to mention names of himesh reshamiya, sajid-wajid, choreogrphers ganesh acharya and mohammad khan and directors puneet issar, radhika and vinay saproo, punit issar and prem soni. And there may be many more who work behind the scenes and whose names we don’t k know.

    • humdum

      Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Dia Mirza, etc

  • Pankaj mahato

    i lov u salman khan……you are my valentine………

  • AR

    Neither Salman nor Amir is against a certain superstar actor. They are not in talking terms with him. And that doesn’t mean they are against him. Yes, Salman has been instrumental the most of the newcomers. It is undenaible!

  • raj

    I love salman bhai

  • gaganjot

    Bolly b, the author of this article is jealous of Salman Khan and his Mega Succesful career; its clearly visible.

  • mina

    i love salman khan very very much

  • amit

    salman is a very kind person to the needy ppl and those who really love him by pure heart not like selfish srgay and thats y he is serving the poor ppl by his ngo being human and he is a real shining star of india who shines everywhere.

    • prabal

      salman rules…….no doubts

  • imran

    100 and 100 x 10000000000 % salman khan is good fried and also best actor in indian cinema now.

  • I like salman sir

    I like slman sir

  • samra

    don’t think that he is a good friend or a good role model for sure

    who can forget the accident where he cased an innocent soul to lose his life ?
    or worse the aishwarya rai episode where he showed that he does not have any respect for women by mistreating her

    wonder why katrina kaif did not want to spend her life with him …

  • vidiah

    im sure he is a good friend and i love him so……much may god bless him and i want to see him in front of me before i die

  • Nasib

    Salman khan i like him. DOST TO KA DOST.MAN WITH GOLDEN HEART. I requist to all Be a Human good human BEING HUMAN SUPPORT FOR POOR PEOPLE.

  • mhk143

    salman was de best, is d best n will b d best,,,,

  • naseer ahmad

    salman khan is one of the best friend of all.he is always great.He is the superstar of the superstars.

  • Shehram

    Salman Khan is friend of friends.

  • waqar ahmed khan

    he is great person and also a great freind.

  • waqar ahmed khan

    i love you salman bhai jan.

  • siddiqui naseer ahmed

    mr,salman khan i like your movies and film,s
    you are great actor in hindi film,s and please iam also
    planning to come in hindi film,s in acting,modelling
    please reply me, thankyou.

    iwant to come in good hindi film,s iam artist/photographer.

  • asim

    salman is the best hero & good freind

  • Aadil nazir

    salman is the best actor among all the actors. Salu is the body perfecter.

  • riyazahamad

    salman khan is good actors salman khan is my hart
    i love salman

  • shivangi

    Khano me khan Salman Khan,Salman is best friend & best actor in bollywood,I love salman

  • aditya vora


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