Is Salman Khan being unfair to the fighters in Mental?

The action star’s upcoming movie has been delayed as the fighters from the South have stalled the shoot demanding changes in their payment and hiring structure

Salman Khan is no doubt the biggest action hero of Bollywood. So when we heard that the fighters on the sets of his upcoming flick Mental were causing him trouble, it was tough to believe! A brief image of a screaming Sallu sending a few dozen men flying around flashed in our heads. But that happens only in the movies! In real life, it is Sallu who is facing a stalled shoot owing to the demands by the stunt fighters working in the film.

The fighters from South have been giving Salman and Sohail Khan a tough time on the sets of the film in Lavasa. They had initially alleged that they were outnumbered by the fighters from Bollywood (three to one), and asked for a more equitable representation. Later, they discovered that they were earning only half of what their Bollywood counterparts were paid, and immediately decided to halt the shoot until their demands were met. They even complained to the FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) who sided with Salman and said that when a South film is shot in Mumbai, they make sure that there are more people from the South in all departments. However, considering that Mental is a Hindi film, albeit a South remake, the presence of more Bollywood fighters is justified.

However, Salman and Sohail are both currently having a real hard time since the fighters have refused to budge until their demands are met. Now they can only wait and hope for relief in the form of Shiva and Vijayan – the two officials of Film Employees Federation of South India, who will be visiting Mumbai to talk to the concerned fighters to end the deadlock.

Now we hope the otherwise just and fair Salman Khan will see that the fighters are dealt with in a fair, just and humane manner. After all, Salman is the founder of Being Human that stands for everything nice! What say, BollywoodLifers?