Is Salman Khan dating a girl from Dubai?

Is Salman Khan dating a girl from Dubai?

The news is that the dishy actor is reportedly seeing someone called Oliya who’s based in UAE

The hottest rumour doing the rounds of the B-town circuit is that Salman Khan  is back in the dating game. His fluctuating relationship with Katrina Kaif had to come to an end and post the break up, Khan entered the ‘single and ready to mingle’ zone. But now a picture of Sallu’s ladylove is hovering in the virtual world. Although the still is not very clear, the bright ‘Being Tiger’ top that belongs to Khan’s Being Human franchise doesn’t go unnoticed. We hear the Dabangg star was spotted hanging out with this mystery girl at a launch recently and Oliya has also been spending a lot of quality time with the Khan khandaan of late. The babe has been put up at Taj Lands End for now and Sallu seems to be making sure he’s there for her whenever she needs anything.

In the fairly recent past, rumour was that Sallu had developed a soft spot for his Mental co-star Daisy Shah. But looks like someone else has caught the actor’s fancy now.

So Salman, do we hear wedding bells ringing, or you are going to dismiss this as some pointless rumour and go on with life? Sigh, we await your reply Mr K…

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  • cat

    just leave him alone. if he gets married he will let us know. I sometimes feel he hires these women and has good time with them and then dumps them

    • Temper

      I dont think he can marry …..
      i think he is Gay

      • shila narayan

        why does he have to get married only because the public
        wants him married – his life his decision – what’s wrong in being single and sleeping around – 2 adults mutual partners why not – ALL THE BEST SALLU MIA – U TAKE YOUR TIME
        HAVE FUN – life’s short – so make the most of it while u can

        shila from Fiji

  • nira

    he is probably sleeping with them wonder,but i am in shock that his fans still believe he will ever get married.funny.

  • salman

    Gudna hai Sala

  • Swati Saini

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  • rk

    i think ppl should just leave him alone his life he can stay bachelor all his life he wants too! marriage y big issue but i do want him to get marry and have kids

  • Ayesha

    nahi sallu tum mujhe chod kar kisi aur se shadi mat karna mat karna mat karna mat karna mat karna …………………….

    • SANAA

      Don;t Worry, I will Marry You,

      Now Happy? Smile :)

      • Nisar

        Okay ……….. I am ready to marry with UUUUUUUUUUUU
        now r u happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy]

    • Nasir

      Don’t worry …. ! main Hoona