Is Salman Khan in love with Elli Avram?

Salman Khan helps Elli Avram find a new house in Bandra
Yogen Shah

We all know Sallu is quite fond of the former Bigg Boss 7 contestant. The firang babe charmed the Dabangg Khan with her not-so-fluent English and singing. And now we hear the superstar has helped Elli find a house which is next to his place. Ahem ahem…

Elli Avram made her Bollywood debut with Mickey Virus opposite Manish Paul. But she became a popular face after she entered the mad cap house of Bigg Boss 7. Ms Avram further caught everyone’s attention coz of her unconventional chemistry with the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. And it seems the two are pretty close even after the reality show is over. As per the latest buzz, Khan helped the Mickey Virus babe find a good place. But that’s not all! Elli’s new house is next to Salman’s residence in Bandra. Now that’s interesting. We all know the Being Human actor loves to help his friends but wethinks there is something beyond friendship between these two.

We say so coz earlier the Ek Tha Tiger actor had helped his alleged ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif find a place in Bandra. He even gifted Ms Kaif a luxurious car. So the whole helping-Elli-find-a-home episode is similar to Kat’s story, na? Also, Salman has always been a providing partner and this is just the start, wethinks. We may be wrong but for now we refuse to believe that. What about you Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jane

    Elli is rising to fame under Katrina Kaif, dancing to all Katrina Kaif’s songs in the award show. What is she trying to prove? She is trying to take Katrina’s place

    • Aleesha Chapoor

      But let’s face it, elli is better at dancing(I personally think) and also if you’ve seen her previously in bigg boss 7, that girl can act. she’s more desi than SOME indian girls out there(no offence to them). Plus salman and elli look great together! I prefer elli than Katrina but Katrina I don’t mean to hate on Katrina, in fact I like her, but elli is much better!

  • Thakkar

    salman is smart he never forgives . He made katrina rise to take Aishwariya’s place and now it is Elli Avram who will be showered with mercy by Salman to take Katrina’s place.

  • aditya

    kat rockzz and elli avram sucks….elli avram is a pharoo randi….

    • Gitu

      When Katrina started she was bad at everything.Not tht she is gr8 now apart from dancing .For tht also she took 7-8years with the help of ud banners, famous bf.But elli is well trained .she masters in most form of dance (Wikipedia info).Elli with tht much of help can do wonders

      • Jane

        Then you haven’t seen her dance to Kamli, Katrina looks gorgeous and her dancing skills are amazing she has improved so much. BTW go over your grammar

        • Gitu

          Yes I saw n appreciate her work n look but all these things r achieved by her after 10yrs of hard work n she also gt the opportunity to work with big banner.If these many opportunity will be given to Elli she can do wonders too.

        • Gitu

          One more thing, it’s fine if my grammar is wrong, as far as u gt the message n responding ,the purpose is served.Moreover there r certain actresses who don’t even know the national language but stIl dare to act in those movies.So fr those ,so called Hindi actresses fan language grammar shouldnt be a problem

  • deep gupta


  • pia

    they both luk awesome couple as elli cute and sallu smart dashing dabang khan

  • payal

    salman shouldn’t eva help elli coz im sure tat after she gets fame she ll lv him again n dis nt fair hw mny times his hrt shud brk…v don feel gd…