Is Salman Khan pushing his luck with ‘Bodyguard’ sequel?

The latest news about the possibility of a sequel to the superstar’s recent film makes me wonder if he is overdoing the success formula

Bodyguard’s producer Atul Agnihotri is considering making a sequel of the Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor hit. He adds that there is no plan at the moment though. Like all of Salman’s recent films Bodyguard too got a grand opening and great box-office collections. It was a typical Salman flick replete with super heroic stunts and funny antics weaved into an incoherent story. And that’s been the case with most of his films – Dabangg, Ready and now Bodyguard. Going by what people had to say after watching Bodyguard it is clear that it wasn’t the story, but the superstar’s charisma that lured his fans to the theatres. So if the sequel happens, one question that comes to my mind is: will his fans throng to neighbouring cinema halls to watch him do a mindless act yet again? Well, they love to see the 40-plus actor portray a childlike lover boy, mouth funny, but incongruous dialogues and rip apart his shirt in the most bizarre manner! But for how long? And can Bodyguard’s already thin screenplay be pushed further? I don’t think so. Hindi cinema’s Rajinikanth equivalent believes he can, but it is possible only if like the southern superstar he was doing only one film a year. While we love Salman and his idiosyncrasies, it’s time he had some believable tales to tell too. Let’s hope to we’ll get to see a different aspect of the star in Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger. But for that we shall have to wait till 2012. Meanwhile, you tell us what you think about the Bodyguard sequel. Will it work?