Is Salman Khan the Godfather of Bollywood?

Is Salman Khan the Godfather of Bollywood?

Amitabh Bachchan is fondly referred to as the Shahenshah of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan is called the Baadshah. Now we won’t be surprised if Salman Khan is bestowed with the title of Godfather!

Salman Khan has always been considered Bollywood’s Good Samaritan among few others. Millions of his fans and well-wishers including his actor friends, who have been closely associated with the generous and large-hearted Khan for years, don’t call him bhai for nothing! After all, our beloved Sallu has encouraged, supported and introduced several Bollywood aspirants to excel in their respective areas of passion and helped them achieve a position where they can stand proudly today.

Not to forget composers like Himesh Reshammiya and Sajid-Wajid who till date can’t stop thanking the Dabangg star for not only uplifting their careers by providing them major breaks in his films, but also giving the much required boost to their future projects. For that matter, even Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a nobody before his debut film Khamoshi, when Salman agreed to do the movie and formed a successful association with the filmmaker which resulted in yet another musical blockbuster – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Remember how Govinda was practically forgotten by our industry, and was written off by the critics and the media? However, Sallu saved the day by giving the actor a role tailor-made for him in Partner and the rest, as they say, is history.

Among the younger generation, we know how he has helped actors like Sneha Ullal, Zarine Khan, Mahek Chahal and Hazel Keech…but it’s a different matter than none of them have managed to make it big, and Sallu definitely can’t be blamed for that. But then there are names like Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor who went on to carve a niche for themselves and didn’t let Salman down. He has also been a catalyst and an inspiration for some B-town hunks to get into perfect shape and be tagged as having the best hot-bods – from the Greek God Hrithik Roshan to the young lad Arjun Kapoor.

Recently, the generous Khan came to the rescue of one of his best buddies – Sonu Sood, who’s currently recuperating in a Mumbai hospital after suffering multiple fractures while playing for a Celebrity Cricket League match in Dubai last week. It’s learnt that Sonu called up producers whose films he was committed to shoot in the coming months and offered to return the signing amounts simply because he didn’t want any of them to wait for him and bear the losses. When the Mental star learnt of this, he decided to offer Sonu his role in the Hindi remake of Mahesh Manjrekar’s 2010 hit Marathi movie Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho that he had been planning with Mahesh since almost two years now. Salman has decided to mentor his longtime loyal bodyguard Shera’s son as well. And, the list goes on…

Well, what more can we say! Long live Salman – the Godfather of Bollywood!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jatin jain

    shahrukh khan is the real godfather of bollywood because he is the only one mega superstar who give most popularity to bollywood in the whole world

    • DANISH


    • RD

      Dude here they r talking about the personality who launched so many people in the industry and apart from salman nobody else who launched so many new people…So Salman s the godfather for those personalities….and in top 10 grosser movies ( higest earner movies) salman has 5 so u can imagine….

  • jatin jain

    who post this statement? I tell you godfather of bollywood don’t mean the who help the celeberity to become a star, it mean who dominate the bollywood to become most secessfull in the whole world which compete with hollywood and shahrukh khan is one person in the 100 years of hindi cinema who do this most difficult thing.

    • rajib

      kis kamine ne post kia ye statment ..

      • superman

        rajib kya tu kutta hai jo sallu ki tarafdari kar raha sale tuje kya pata acting aur film ki value ke bare mein. srk is the real king aur godfather of bollywood

    • KK

      Acha? Then how come the British PM met and invited Aamir to 10 Downing Street?

    • keyur

      Abe salman is the real king bollywood.
      No one can beat him…

    • tashia

      thank yo jatin jain and pooja, i know that is what bollywoodlife people do not understand salman cannot even dance and act properly. you do not became bollywood superstar just by helping someone. you because movie star when you show your ability of acting. if it was that way arjun, hrithik and others would became a superstar just by helping. srk deserve it and they know it!!!!!!!!!

  • rocky

    he deserves this title.
    all SRGAY fans ki gand me mirchi lag gayee.
    BIG LMAO…..

  • aron

    whatever salman khan is da best

  • cati

    is list mein katrina kaif kun nhi hai wo tu sub se uper hai salman ki list mein

  • kahtira

    what ever salman khan hundsome is the best acter lollllllllllll i liove uuuuuuuuuuu sooooo much ur the best acter in the whole world

    • superman

      sallu is the real heejda of bollywood



      • batman

        sallu is the best samza kya

  • hadia

    salman khan loll is the best acter every time i see ur performs and ur song just ur, ur sooooooooooo hundsome soooo quet now u look sooooo young and fresh ur the best desirable acter please marry soon best of luck we are waiting for ur new films .and also please performs in every award show ur the top and popular acter no one like u best love uuuuuuuuuuu loll

  • kojak

    salman. godfather? armes indien, man muss also menschen überfahren, sich der verantwortung drücken, frauen schlagen, …. nein danke
    godfather of bollywood = Big B!!!

  • keyur

    Salman is the real king of bollywood…

  • superman

    sallu has no acting skills so your game will over very soon but sahrukh khan has wonderfull acting skills and his super stardum will maintain up to when he act lead role in movie.srk is one actor in hindi cinema who maintain his king tag up to 100 year age

    • sarifa

      R U Nuts? SRK films dropped to No 7 way below Salman, Akshay & Hrithik – Salman Khan 2 Films were the highest in BW last year and 6 hits in five yrs SRK has never done this in his life the only other was Big B. In order for SRK last film to make some headway he was paid an enormous sum to kiss Kat and this was used to promote the film. SRK is a self made king but Bollywood and Salman Khan fans crowned him the King. He never made himself king neither did he spend a fortune in bribes to make himself king.

      • pooja

        salman is not even close to god father of Bollywood, that must be some crap of joke. i do not know why Bollywood life wasting there time on him there are important superstars we want to see like srk and Kat. shahrukh is the king of Bollywood no matter what, and about the movie grossing you should see the Wikipedia because there is no way hrithik movie would beat srk because his movies are not really interesting to see!!!!!!!!! but you know keep saying salman is the best to make yourself feel better, the truth is srk rules Bollywood. i am really sorry fans but srk is no 1. koi bi use nehi ler sekta or take his place.

      • pooja

        salman is not even close to god father of Bollywood, that must be some crap of joke. i do not know why Bollywood life wasting there time on him there are important superstars we want to see like srk and Kat. shahrukh is the king of Bollywood no matter what, and about the movie grossing you should see the Wikipedia because there is no way hrithik movie would beat srk because his movies are not really interesting to see!!!!!!!!! but you know keep saying salman is the best to make yourself feel better, the truth is srk rules Bollywood. i am really sorry salman fans but srk is no 1.

        • Anonymous

          According to you, SRK might “rule” Bollywood (actually he doesn’t), but Salman Khan is TRULY the Godfather & Salman literally OWNS Bollywood.
          He has helped countless actors & friends. He is known for going out of the way to helping his friends.
          I doubt you know this infamous fact, but Salman is the one who had a big hand in helping SRK debut in films. Salman helped SRK a lot in his early days, & now that SRK’s got a little fame, he thinks he’s a better man than Salman.

          Salman Khan is a unique actor too, his films don’t require a great story (something SRK Always needs), he just pours his heart into it & he nearly always comes out a Hit.
          Salman also broke the record with his Ek Tha Tiger film, which crossed 100 Crore mark in just 5 days!!
          He also doesn’t give a damn about speaking “politically” & “diplomatically”.

          I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a “fanboy”, no I’m not. I just see all the raw facts & judge for myself. And I feel it’s downright wrong when people put down a Gold-hearted person just to because they’re a “fanboy”/”fangirl” of another person.



  • Ariana

    @ Superman, Pooja, Jatin Jain and Rajib

    Firstly, use your keyboards properly as your punctuation and grammar is appalling.

    Secondly, if you’re so for SRK then give us proof for what he has accomplished for Bollywood.

    You’re ostracizing Salman Khan because you all merely have no knowledge of his impact on Bollywood. The things mentioned above is not even close to half of what he has done for others. Such as those that were in need, homeless or has been having to face saddening issues. As well as his big heart for his fans across the world.

    Please, get your facts right.

    And thank you for those that are supporting Salman Khan, you all are blessed with wonderful hearts.

  • Mine

    Hmm Lallu Monkey is surely God Father for true But not God Father of Bollywood , But God father of Criminals, The one and only Criminal in Bollywood, Those who saying he is Being Human and haveing a Golden Heart, Just one question to them Why the hell is he Keep skipping the Court hearings (by saying silly reasons like his Birthday Party etc etc). on his Murder case If he is so generous Why dont he accept the hearing of his Imprisonment.And why he always make a Mockery of King khan and Ranbir nowadayds That itself show how cheap this Monkey criminal Is. And by simply giveing chances to new actors wont make him a Godfather or a Better Actor,Its a proven fact that laallu Monkey dont know the basics of Acting, Even he himslef agress that why caant his Bloody Fans accept the fact that Srk and Amir r better actors than Lallu Monkey.God Father My Foot.Thoooo. he is just a Criminal or else A S*** Bag , toilet paper thaat much is lallu Monkeys range.

    • Kiran

      See fellow it is Salman Khan who launched Ranbir by doing a guest role in Saawariya and it is Salman Khan who helped Shahrukh Khan and gave shelter in his house and helped SRK in his early days while entering Bollywood. They owe their film lives to “Salman Khan” These 2 dogs (Ranbir and SRK) they feel themselves King, but Salman never said that although he could have. According to your court hearings, he could have paid for the court like other politicians to escape from the crime, but he is not doing why he want court to make its judgement… If you do not know about Salman Khan dont speak rubbish.

  • asim

    salman khanis the best

  • sandeep

    god bless you sir


    guys,actually its boring to fight in these silly topics…everyone knows & da boxoffice report but doesn’t want accept..guys acceptance iz a key to plz don’t da boxoffice collection & interview of da actor and actresses whose name iz written in dis article…maybe den u’ll accept..i know may be 1 or 2 actresses will not admit becoz day had become one of da biggest actresses but everyone knows da reality..i think u know the 2 iz married wid a superstar’s son and one iz just kissing his enemy …dis happened becoz da two actresses iz selfish,may be characterless…


    sorry guys SALMAN KHAN is not GODFATHER of bollywood

    • Ria

      Your two piece of information is not required.

  • krk

    sallu is the real kutta of bollywood . sala har bar remake banata hai . agar himmat hai to original film bana kar dikhaye.

    • DSASA


  • abul kalam azad

    realy ..salam khan is a godfather of bollywood

  • aditya vora

    srgay fanzzz kyun hak rahe ho yaar salman se panga bahut bhaari padega.He is prem,bhai,radhe,rajnikanth of bollywood,GODFATHER.DONT MESS WID HIM SRGAY ABHI BAHUT CHOTA HAI

    • jp sam

      salman khan is the god father of bollywood



  • Kiran R

    Nower days every star is making a remake film even Shahrukh Khan, but they are not getting the hit films like Salman Khan. Also, nower days no other star should be compared to Salman Khan because other stars does not deserve at least half of his value including SRK. Nobody in Bollywood can reach to heights at the present generation. Salman Khan is the Godfather of Bollywood and King of Bollywood.

    • Ahmed Saifan Khan

      Salman has nt smply reached to da high slop his hard work, destiny help him. Also by da bless of allah

  • Bhishma

    SRK and Sallu both are good. But SRK>Sallu

  • Salman

    SRK only king and goodfather of bollywood.

  • Subhasish

    No one can beat saluuu&he’ll remain thd god father of

  • Deepak kumar

    Bhai stunts me over act na ho to hi accha lagta hai