Is Salman Khan the latest poster boy?

Looks like the Dabangg dude is becoming the country’s favourite cover boy. All thanks to his business sense and media savvy attitude

One of the most reticent and difficult-to-pin-down actors in Bollywood is turning over a new leaf. Recently, the 40-plus Salman appeared on the cover of a youth magazine talking about his charity organisation. That says a lot about a changed Salman Khan. When the actor started out he was quite friendly with the media, but his rocky love life made interesting fodder for filmi glossies and put an end to the actor’s relationship with the fourth estate. But once again Salman is back to his media-friendly ways. The actor no longer shies away from promoting his films. He attends press events, gives interviews and juicy bytes, smiles for the shutterbugs, endorses washing powder and vests, and promotes other people’s films. Somewhat becoming like his friend-turned-foe Shahrukh Khan. People say Aamir Khan, who too realised the benefits of wooing the media, is responsible for the new Salman. Well, we don’t know about that, but the actor’s business savvy attitude should be attributed to the lady who handles his branding and endorsements, Reshma Shetty. At the rate Salman is going, don’t be surprised if he ends up at your doorstep. As you can see this man is willing to go to any lengths to hold on to a strong position at the box office.