Is Salman Khan the ultimate comedy king?

His over-the-top antics and in-your-face humour in Bodyguard have won Salman Khan the title of the number one comedian of 2011

Giving a tough fight to Imran Khan’s Delhi Belly as well as John Abraham and Akshay Kumar’s Desi Boyz, Salman Khan has emerged victorious in the race to be the ultimate comedy king of the year. Though the competition to clinch the title seemed fierce, the superstar made it to the top thanks to his comedic acting in the film Bodyguard. Salman bagged a whopping 45 per cent votes in a popular website’s survey to find out the most adorable comedy actor of the year. The Khan proved that he’s good not just at the gun-toting macho stuff, but also at slapstick humour. Most voters preferred Salman’s antics in Bodyguard to the expletives of Delhi Belly and the juvenile humour of Desi Boyz. But Sallu’s histrionics and the hysteria surrounding him are not limited to the silver screen. He is much popular on the small screen with his undeniable charm and bindaas attitude in shows like Bigg Boss 5 and the earlier seasons of 10 Ka Dum. While maintaining his strong position at the box office, Salman knows very well that his loud and unpredictable acts are his trump cards – working wonders for him as long as he sticks to his unique genre of comic action. So, if you have Sallu on board, rest assured that you will get oodles of eyeballs and endless TRPs! But for now, the comedy king is having the last laugh.