Is Salman Khan’s bad boy image hampering the prospects of Paanch Ka Punch?

Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate on the contrary seems to be doing very good. So what is wrong with the Jai Ho star?

Salman Khan’s dream of having a show, which will be funny as well as give some social message, seems to be having no takers. The show, which is called Paanch Ka Punchhas been knocking on every production house’s doors but to no avail. On the contrary,  Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate is having a dream run with people watching it on the Sunday morning slot with zest. Is Salman’s over-the-top image hurting the prospects of that show? We wonder…

The Dabangg Khan had addressed the media and spoken about his idea of the show a long time back, but it was only recently that the name of that show was revealed. Our khabroos inform us that the makers of this show had approached Colors (for whom Salman hosts Bigg Boss) for telecasting the show, but the heads at Colors threw the idea out of the window saying that having two shows hosted by Sallu miyaan would mean an overdose of him for the viewers. When the makers approached some other channels they also said the same thing and refused to telecast the show.

A little birdie informs us that the concept of the show has apparently been liked a lot by all the channels and also the fact that there are numerous production houses backing the show. Then why are they not ready to telecast it? We wonder…Our birdies tell us that  Salman’s bad boy image and his recent choice of films -which are generally over-the-top action ones contradict with him hosting a show with a social cause and might have lesser TRPs.

Now only time will tell us as to what will happen of this show. Will Salman leave hosting Bigg Boss for hosting Paanch Ka Punch? What do you think BollywoodLifers?