Is Salman Khan’s Jai Ho trailer not original?

Jai trailer aped from Hollywood flick Pay It Forward

Just a few days back, Sallu miyaan launched the trailer of his much-anticipated film Jai Ho. And though it may have received positive response, the trailer seems to have been inspired from a Hollywood flick

Salman Khan’s forthcoming film Jai Ho which is directed by his brother Sohail Khan is a remake of A R Murugadoss’s 2006 Telugu film Stalin. What’s interesting is that even Stalin was inspired from Hollywood film Pay It Forward. It’s not surprising that B-town filmmakers take inspiration from West but ever heard of a trailer being aped? Well, the beginning of the Jai Ho trailer is a direct lift from the Hollywood flick Pay It Forward. In the Salman starrer trailer, the superstar is seen drawing a family tree of sorts and you get to see the same in Pay It Forward as well. The only difference is – in the Mimi Leder Hollywood flick a boy is seen doodling.

When a tabloid quizzed Sohail the about the uncanny resemblance between the trailer and the Hollywood flick, he sent a message, “I am only aware of Stalin and currently I am busy with the film’s post production.” Wethinks it really doesn’t matter coz Salman films whether rip off or not always manage to get cash registers ringing, hai na? Such is the star power of the bhai of Bollywood!.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Bolly_life

    the concept of all these films mentioned above is to help three people instead of a return thanks. To showcase the human chain one need to explain it through tree diagram only..So behave as a mature and dont put any baseless allegation.

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Go to h-e-l-l, B0llyw00d Life! Even Pay It Forward was inspired from 1954 Magnificent Obsession. Nothing wrong in spreading such a noble concept. Jai Ho is an official remake of Stalin. The makers of the Hollywood film have to deal with the makers of Stalin, not those of Jai Ho, if they want to.