Is Salman Khan’s Kick better than Ravi Teja’s Kick?

Is Salman Khan’s Kick better than Ravi Teja’s Kick?

While Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut is enjoying super success at box office, we compare Hindi remake with its Telugu namesake to find out how similar or different are the two flicks

We are sure  most of the Salman Khan fans have got their ‘Kick‘ this Eid. And those who haven’t are probably queuing to the theatres right now. With unprecedented fanfare surrounding the film, Kick is expected to break all records, easily beating its Telugu namesake in terms of box office  collections.  While Bhai’s Kick is ruling the roost at box office, Bollywoodlife brings you a fun comparison between Salman’s Kick and Ravi Teja’s Kick ( PS – The two films have much more in common, but we don’t want to give away spoilers)


1. The basic plot of both the films is more or less the same as it tells story of an eccentric guy who gets a kick in doing unconventional things in life.

2. The reason why Salman and Ravi Teja become robbers is the same ie to help every ailing child in the country.

3. Both the films have an animated flashback which gives us a background about our hero’s childhood and his addiction to kick.

4. Both Salman Khan and Ravi Teja refer to the cops Randeep Hooda and Syam chasing them as partners, and call them losers when they fail to nab them.

5. The introduction scene of both the heroes is similar as the  heroine tells the tale of her ex lover to her prospective husband on a train.

6. Both Salman and Ravi Teja have crooned for their respective films.

7. While Ravi Teja speaks in Hindi in Telugu flick, Dabangg star returns the favour by delivering Telugu lines in Kick.


1. While in Telugu film, the hero and the cop share the same name Kalyan, that is not the case here in Bhai’s Kick.

2.  Jacqueline Fernandez plays a psychiatrist unlike Ileana D’Cruz  in the original whose profession was not disclosed.

3. There is a separate hilarious comedy track involving Brahmanandam who gets tricked by Ileana into falling for her. But Salman’s film has no such comedy track.

4. The way our leads fall in love is also different. In Dabangg Khan’s Kick, the hero woos the heroine by constantly following her, impressing her with his crazy exterior with a good heart inside. In Telugu film, Ileana’s sister falls for Ravi Teja who inturn reveals he loves Ileana leading to hilarious  repercussions.

5.  There are subtle differences in style of robbery too as Salman wears Devil mask but Ravi Teja keeps on changing his mask for every robbery. Also Bhai loots money from corrupt only on festive days, while no such thing is mentioned in Telugu film.

6. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s character who plays the baddie in Kick, proving to be Devil’s perfect nemesis, is missing in Ravi Teja’s Kick.

Our Verdict:

Salman Khan’s Kick closely beats its Telugu namesake as a better entertainer for three reasons:

1. Ravi Teja comes close to Jai Ho star in terms of performance and energy, but Bhai pulls off action sequences with some unmatched style where Ravi Teja falters.

2. While Telugu film had lots of characters to make the situation comical, it deviates our attention from plot.  Salman Khan’s Kick sticks to basic storyline conveying the right emotions at the right time.

3. Addition of Nawazuddin’s character adds the much needed deadly antagonist to the film giving Bhai’s Kick an edge over the Telugu film.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • One123

    Please eat Ravi Teja’s morning ablution results….

    • American Drone

      What are you trying to imply


    raviteja acting is better than salman khan

    • sallu vs raviteja ravi wins

      true dude salman’s kick is not fun or comical its serious

  • Kick123

    No way. Raviteja’s kick was more entertainin than sallu kick. Kudos to raviteja

  • arjun

    ravi teja’s kick is 1000 times better than salman’s kick

  • arjun

    salman can never do 1% of ravi teja

    • mdnzm


  • Sridhar

    KICK story is made for Raviteja … Hindi version changed it to Dhoom like movies with full action sequance and lost grip on basic kick..and heroine is dumb… does any crazy guy like kick would fall for her ??

  • suman

    ravi teja is better than salman

  • mohammed shujat khan

    Tum sub gandu hoo, Bhai sirif Bhai hai, King of Bollywood, Ravi never act like Salman Khan, KICK in hindi is better 100 time better than telugu Kick, hindi KICK ke keya music hai, aur keya fighting hai, aur acting superb SALMAN

    • Shrikant

      Bhai tune telugu kick dekha hai kya.dekha hai to tu aisa nahi bolega.kyunki Ravi teja ka acting ultimate hai.salman bhai ne action hi dekha hai.agar story Acchi nahi rehta to Sally bhai harbar copy.nahi karte south films. Aur comments thoda accha.language me denatured.

    • sallu vs ravitega ravi wins

      abe laude salman khan ki gand muh meh rakh agar tum ko salman pasand he toh chut math bol ki hindi kick is better in hindi kick no comedy no jokes full serious harami movie hai hindi meh telugu meh bahut comedy entertainment hai

    • Kk

      Fuck you bonchod

  • Krishna

    Salman’s Kick is NOT kick. It is like Dhoom ..!

  • gp

    kudos to ravi teja ….i loved telgu kick…it was funny entertaining
    where as salman khan was just boring for me… i guess salman khan was the wrong guy for this kind of movie..

  • Sanjeev

    Original Kick is way better than this Salman khan starrer..

  • Niranjan

    This was more of an Akshay Kumar movie. In the original, there was lot of comical touch. They should have let it that way. Rajpal Yadav could have been roped for the comedy (played by Brahmanandam in telugu and Vadivelu in tamil). Made a mess by converting a comedy movie to pseudo serious movie. But kudos to Sallu bhai and Nawaz bhai for their performance.

    • Abhijit S Joshi


  • Rakesh Surya

    Expected lot of entertainment, but not impressed. Telugu kick is more kickful than hindi kick…

  • sallu vs raviteja ravi wins

    this website is shit they are taking all that into consideration but forgetting ppl’s entertainment we love telugu kick rather than hindi kick

  • SIlvano

    In Salman’s Kick the romance is curtailed, in the original it was explained properly and she came to know that he ws lieing about his memory, here it’s all cut and also jackqueline dissapears suddenly
    However must credit that this film changed some comic scenes and made them serious and removed some unneccessary comic scenes from the original
    Nawzuddin was a nice addition, Brahmanand character was thankfully removed

    • mdnzm

      Brahmanandam character was heart of the movie,,which was sadly removed.rightly so becoz theres no one in bollywood to match brahmi

  • SIlvano

    Both films have same flaws like how do Salman or Ravi Teja survive after falling in the river? Also the sudden change of genre
    How can they become a police inspector in the end?(Spoilers)

    • unknown

      same questions…..I ask…

  • SIlvano

    Original Kick was more on romance, Remake is more on action

  • siva

    Raviteja is far better thank Bhai… He is extremely entertaining!

  • Aru

    Raviteja kick is million times better than salman …salman acting doesnt fit into actual chatacter ..

  • Suhas

    telugu kick was far better bcos of its comedy angle (Brahmanandam and ali) which is totally absent in hindi version.

  • suhel arora

    ACTUALLY RAVI TEJA AND Ravi teja s kick is much much better than salman kick . the website has given more njumbers to salman kick because only reason they dont want their website to get closed beacuse of fukra actor of bollywood otherwise telegue films far better than hindi ones

  • DMDM

    Crap….utter crap. Salman Khan was nowhere near the performance of Ravi Teja, who was a live wire in the movie. Ravi Teja did the movie by just reading the script….Salman Khan was aided by the script and by watching how Ravi Teja performed in that character.

  • Tia

    who is Ravi teja? who knows him other than few south indians.
    of course Sallu Bhai is the best. how can there be any comparison?

  • Nikhil

    Telugu original is an entertainer hands down. The person who wrote this review is just following his agenda.