Is Satya 2 not a sequel to Satya?

Sat, October 12, 2013 1:30pm IST by
Ram Gopal Verma

RGV’s Satya 2 is not a sequel to his 1998 crime thriller Satya

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says “Satya” in the title of his next film “Satya 2″ should only be interpreted as a pseudonym. He doesn’t want the audience to consider the forthcoming movie as a sequel to his 1998 crime thriller.

He says Satya 2 is all about the truth about two characters’ journey. ”Aman (a character) gets off a train in Satya and what happened to him, that was about truth. The name is almost a surreal application of what his life is about,” the 51-year-old filmmaker said in an interview recently.

“This (Satya 2) is in another time period, another man gets off a train in Mumbai. So the similarity is about the truth. The name is a pseudonym rather, not to be taken literally,” he added.

RGV has cast new actors in the film and says that since his characters are raw, only new actors could have pulled them off well. ”There are films with big stars that fail, there are films with small stars that work. So I don’t think the presence of a big actor will reduce the risk. In fact, it increases the risk sometimes,” Varma said.

“As far as Satya 2 is concerned, I don’t think it is a risk (to have new faces). Specifically because Satya has raw, realistic characters which only new actors can deliver,” he added.

Satya 2 stars Puneet Singh, Anaika Soti and Aradhna. It hits the theatres on Oct 25.Subscribe to me on YouTube