Is Shahid Kapoor coming up with another Gandi Baat?

Is Shahid Kapoor coming up with another Gandi Baat?
Yogen Shah

The Kaminey actor hopes that he can star in a film named Gandi baat

Shahid Kapoor, who got millions of people grooving to his song Gandi baat from R…Rajkumar has planned to register it’s name as a film title. Yes, you heard it right! So does Sasha plans to name his next film Gandi Baat? Well, why would he register it as a film’s title otherwise, hai na?

“Shahid’s recent songs like Agal bagal, Dhating naach, Saree ke fall sa and Gandi baat have had people listening to them on loop and copying his dance moves from the videos. Out of them, Gandi baat has become synonymous with him as people just look at him and start mouthing the lyrics,” a source was quoted by a daily.

After R…Rajumar, masses have started associating the song with Shahid. “The first thing on anyone’s mind when they meet him is this song, so it got Shahid thinking, and now he plans to keep the title with him. If anyone decides to make a film with him and wants to use the title, he will give it to them,” the source added.

While we would love to see Shahid in a film named Gandi Baat, we wonder who will be his heroine. Maybe his recent “alleged” love interest, Sonakhi Sinha…Wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


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