Is Shahid Kapoor losing it?

Mausam may not have done as well as Shahid expected, but disappointment cannot excuse his behaviour, if what we hear is true – he has not only ‘unfriended’ Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra on Twitter, but has also been calling Vidya Balan names!

Poor Shahid Kapoor – the actor has not managed a hit post Kaminey and all the hype about Mausam did not do him any good either. Unfortunately, his link ups and controversies seem to be the only things that make him newsworthy these days. And, of course, what we recently heard from our buddy the birdie, so insists that Shahid was heard making not-so-nice comments about reported former love, Vidya Balan. As the rumour goes, the actor called her ‘fat’ and ‘atrocious’ after seeing the promos of ‘The Dirty Picture’. Come on, Shahid, that’s called getting into character, dear! However, Vidya has not yet retorted with any of her usual smart remarks, but wethinks that this is just a matter of Shahid going green about the luscious lady’s success. While we agree that Vidya may not be size zero, at least she knows what she is signing up for and goes all out to suit a role. Our birdie also suggested that Shahid’s remark on Vidya’s looks is the direct effect of the alleged relationship between her and Siddharth Roy Kapoor. Sources had often told us that Sasha was always the dominating type, due to which his past girlfriends – Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Rao and Priyanka Chopra – called off whatever relationship they had with him. This goes rather beyond dominating, in our opinion, it is downright rude!

In a recent twitter exchange, Genelia D’Souza announced that her film Force had overtaken Mausam, but then assured her followers that she was not cocking a snoot at long-term chum Sasha, but just excited about her own success. Careful Genelia, or you’ll be next on Shahid’s hate list! Which is what he has been doing with two B-town biggies – buzz has it that Shahid has ‘unfollowed’ Priyanka Chopra on Twitter. To make things worse, he also withdrew his friendship with Shahrukh Khan on the micro-blogging site. Perhaps in order to cover up his unfriendly gesture, Shahid later tweeted, “What’s up people …. Read the weirdest story that I had stopped following SRK … Only to realize that I actually had … No clue how.” He added, “Well he’s back on my follow list …. Was just some random thing people going loony over it !!! Haha ….” We ain’t sure whether to believe that one or not, but we are willing to give SK enough rope on this one. He better watch it, though, he could hang himself with the enemies he seems to be making in B-town – and all of them will be cheering him on!