Is Shahid Kapoor losing it?

Fri, October 7, 2011 5:00pm IST by
Is Shahid Kapoor losing it?

Mausam may not have done as well as Shahid expected, but disappointment cannot excuse his behaviour, if what we hear is true – he has not only ‘unfriended’ Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra on Twitter, but has also been calling Vidya Balan names!

Poor Shahid Kapoor – the actor has not managed a hit post Kaminey and all the hype about Mausam did not do him any good either. Unfortunately, his link ups and controversies seem to be the only things that make him newsworthy these days. And, of course, what we recently heard from our buddy the birdie, so insists that Shahid was heard making not-so-nice comments about reported former love, Vidya Balan. As the rumour goes, the actor called her ‘fat’ and ‘atrocious’ after seeing the promos of ‘The Dirty Picture’. Come on, Shahid, that’s called getting into character, dear! However, Vidya has not yet retorted with any of her usual smart remarks, but wethinks that this is just a matter of Shahid going green about the luscious lady’s success. While we agree that Vidya may not be size zero, at least she knows what she is signing up for and goes all out to suit a role. Our birdie also suggested that Shahid’s remark on Vidya’s looks is the direct effect of the alleged relationship between her and Siddharth Roy Kapoor. Sources had often told us that Sasha was always the dominating type, due to which his past girlfriends – Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Rao and Priyanka Chopra – called off whatever relationship they had with him. This goes rather beyond dominating, in our opinion, it is downright rude!

In a recent twitter exchange, Genelia D’Souza announced that her film Force had overtaken Mausam, but then assured her followers that she was not cocking a snoot at long-term chum Sasha, but just excited about her own success. Careful Genelia, or you’ll be next on Shahid’s hate list! Which is what he has been doing with two B-town biggies – buzz has it that Shahid has ‘unfollowed’ Priyanka Chopra on Twitter. To make things worse, he also withdrew his friendship with Shahrukh Khan on the micro-blogging site. Perhaps in order to cover up his unfriendly gesture, Shahid later tweeted, “What’s up people …. Read the weirdest story that I had stopped following SRK … Only to realize that I actually had … No clue how.” He added, “Well he’s back on my follow list …. Was just some random thing people going loony over it !!! Haha ….” We ain’t sure whether to believe that one or not, but we are willing to give SK enough rope on this one. He better watch it, though, he could hang himself with the enemies he seems to be making in B-town – and all of them will be cheering him on!


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  • karan

    after kaminey he had success with badmaash company think before you wright something mausam may not have done well but shahid was liked by all critics and audiences he will bounce back for sure

    • Nehal

      Hi friends!!
      Nobody is perfect but some guys try to reach some heights in that direction.I do agree that he didn’t come out as successful in Mausam as we all expected but he tried his best to give his maximum. Afterall it was the family’s reputation at stake.Pankaj Kapoor has a reputation guys.
      Leave him alone SRK.I know you rule the media with ur moneypower.But what goes up MUST come down.

    • manu

      it is all about time & his time is not good at all

  • karan

    please stop writing false stories with all rumours

  • Ayesha

    Actually mausam did well at the box office least better than Meri brother ki dulhaan

    • KK

      Wrong. It was a flop in India and overseas. MKBD was a hit both in India and overseas. Source: Box Office India

  • Ayesha


  • Kayaa

    I think Armita rao shouldev been the female lead instead of expressionless sonam

  • maya

    I’m not defending Shahid or anything, but the rumors about him not following Srk on twitter are ridiculous and what’s sad is that Shahid actually seemed apologetic for it and said he’s back on his follow list. It’s not a crime to not follow Srk. Who cares, I don’t follow him and I could care less about him,so should I be penalized for it too? No.

    • rajan

      tu kya hai tuje khud hi kuch yakin nahi.
      tu kya bolega uski jamin par jab tere pav tale hin jamin nahin.
      sorry guys… try to understand

  • Seerat

    Poor guy….getting linked up with everyone and dealing with rumours:(….im a huge fan of SK and I did not like the movie as much as I though I would, however, before being a fan of Shahid I am the biggest fan of Cinema and I always acknowledge the amount of hard work put into the film by the cast and crew. The movie working or not working is not the question, hard work should be recognized! All we can do is support SK and wish him all the best :)

    • Indira Chakraborty

      Shahid is one of the brightest actor of Bollywood today.If one truely understands cinema &have watched his movies,will agree that he is maturing greatly in acting with every film of his.Whether the film works or not depends on several other factors,he has given his best performance &is appreciated by all.It seems certain section of influencial media persons as well as people of this trade playing huge negetive politics with Shahid by giving false rumours and negetive publicity against him in order to restrict him from rising further.The reasons may be touplift actors belonging to influencial film family kids or stars feeling shaken by his prominent & fast rise.

      • Seerat

        I absolutely agree with you Indira! Well said :) This indeed is Shahid’s best performance til date. We love and hate the media at the same time. SK knows how much his fans love him and all this mumbo jumbo does not affect his acting credibilty. Those people can never take his fans away. Most people choose their fav actor based on looks or popularity, but the first time I saw SK, I was eleven(during Vivah) and all that cute, hot quotient was not there. his acting impressed me greatly. As I grew older my teenage instincts kicked in and I found him handsome, but no doubt Shahid can act.

    • Kulvir Kaur Rai

      Seerat u r not a true fan of my SK if u wudbe a fan of SK then u don’t call him POOR…

  • umesh

    why narwas

  • Abhishek

    Shahid said very right i am also think vidhya is ‘fat’ and ‘atrocious from love connection why she’s to act as lead actress it sould be act as a sister or mother

  • raj

    Shahid is a descent and cute actor if one film is not good he will come back with other hit.
    Looks like it is SRK plan to pay media to write this article

    • Rahul

      Learn to spell DECENT first

  • MK

    First, Shahid looks like a Chekka. He doesn’t even come close to Vidyya Balan’s beauty. He is an outright idiot

    • nikhil

      abe chakka hoga tu aur tera khandan…and vidya is nothing against shahid..He is best!

    • Kulvir Kaur Rai

      abe kaminey u bloody gay chakka hoga tu aur tera pura dadka aur nanka khandan…u bloody randy next Sasha ke bare mein asa comment karna se pehle 100 baar sochna nahi to…. kasmse agge se ase hi chodugi nahi….

  • riya

    Vidya is in Bollywood all by her own.She is not size zero or like other skeleton hroines and that makes her stand unique.Sh egives 100% to all her films and is amond very talented actresses in industry who cud actually act. If shahid said these bad words then all it means is grapes are really sour.

  • natashya

    Can you confirm this story because this does not sound like Shahid. I’ve watched numerous interviews of his, and he would never badmouth a person like this…even his competition! You guys write these things without any basis. Just because a “source” said something, doesn’t mean it’s true; in fact, it’s most probably false.

  • twinkle kaur

    u look great in mausam n i really praised ur work in that ,i really enjyd the movie .it wdnt get flop if it is not too long.dnt wry best of luck for the next 1 n i hd alwyz bn waitng fr ur movie.shahid rocks

  • JACK


  • ranveer

    mee aap ka bara feem hu

  • silver

    yeah yeah shahid we alllll love u …handsum buy keep it up.

  • karthik


  • Maha

    Well, the unfollowing thing happens on its own at random times sometimes.
    I just yesterday discovered I was somehow not following my fav Twitter celeb anymore! I’ve no idea how it happened, but I did add myself back into his followers.

  • Amarnath

    Shahid is stands tall in mausam. He is bigger than the script. Ya i too agree with indira. Something is fishy. They keep creating nonsense & rubbish rumours abt him. We audiences r not fools to believe whatever u write & publish.

  • Puja

    I think u are not bad