Is Shahid Kapoor not as popular as Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh?

Is Shahid Kapoor not as popular as Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh?

Recently, the actor went shopping and was unrecognised. Wondering how? Find out!

When Shahid Kapoor was in Srinagar, Kashmir shooting for his film Haider, he went out shopping without security, we hear. How, you ask? Well, as you might already know, Shahid is sporting a new look for the film. The R…Rajkumar actor had shaved his head off and was sporting a beard while shooting in Kashmir. Considering no one had seen him in that look, he went out shopping. He bought pashmina shawls for the women in his family and even picked gifts for close ones. A spokesperson from Haider’s production house told the daily, “As no one had seen him like that before, there was no chance of him being recognised.”

A source was quoted by a daily, “Shahid has three looks in the film, one with his regular hairdo, the second with a crew-cut and another with his head completely shaved, which was a requirement only for a day. It was after shaving his head that he took to the roads without any security. In fact, the guards who were provided by the officials remarked that he looked like a Kashmiri in that look. He picked up gifts for his family from one of the stores in the vicinity where he was staying.”

Shahid’s mother Neelima Azim said, “He keeps getting me gifts and this time he got me a shawl from Kashmir, which I love.”

Well, it’s great that Shahid could go shopping in Kashmir incognito courtesy his new look.can However, we also heard that he went unrecognised while flying to Goa from Mumbai airport. It’s not coz the  Haider actor is not as popular as Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh. Wethinks with that his on screen look experiments are also helping him off screen, hai na? After all how many B-town stars we know can manage to leave their starry image behind and enjoy a common man’s life.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Priya

    Agree. he is not indeed!

  • rohan

    u urself hv decided dey wudnt go unrecognized??watta a fu#king journalism!!!wat r u all upto??Who hs bribed u now??We know many ppl cant digest d fact dat even after hving commercially unsuccessful films his position is not falling in d metre!!

    • Terminator

      He is finished . 10 years yet no single hit on his own … Even arjun and varun gonna surpass him within 4-5 years

      • anonymous

        Jab we met ,kaminey,vivaah,r…rajkumar tere baap ne hit di thi

        • Terminator

          Not a 100 crore and arjun jjust 3 years into industry gaved a 100 crore movie.. Shahid kapoor is bacha he is nowherte near Ranbir kapoor and soon other fachas gonna surpass him

          • anonymous

            its not always about 100 crore as long as you do good work i think that is what most matters

          • sj

            & shahid kapoor is way way better actor than this arjun & even dat ranbir…

          • drashti

            hard work is definitely more important than 100 cr…. films like English vinglish and queen are actually deserving for 100 cr

      • adnan

        Oh really talking for those who dont even know the spelling of acting and talking about the race in which they will surpass shahid go and get ur face washed u r sleeping rite now or may be drunk ….

        • Terminator

          Lund ke pilley … Tera shahid katam ho chuka hai kis dunitya mein ji raha hai

          • anonymous

            You just wait and watch

          • anonymous

            Tera lund pila ho jayega

  • Roney

    I agree as we’ll he is fu#king pussy even though he made R.Rajkumar that was fucking bullshit guys he thinks he is the boss u lot what r up to ?is fucking bullshit site.

  • H

    Here comes a paid article from jealous contemporaries. I see smoke and fire please call fire brigade. Hahahaha…

  • OhSure

    Why do Indian articles scream of so much immaturity? What do Ranbir and Ranveer have to do with this? And how do you know they will be recognized? You threw 2 and 0 together and came up with 7?

  • sulaiman

    hi paid article ,,, Indian articles are so immature?

  • adnan

    What is wrong with u ppl y cant u digest his stardom shahid is the best and will be the best dont compare with the 4 to 5 years old actors .. if it would be in my hands i would have killed the journalist who wrote this . I can see the fire and jealousy in this article such a bullshit article shahid is only one actor who did everything from chocolate looks to r rajkumar and now haider oh i can see the haters cant like his new avatar coz that will result in his success and that u cant see … stupid article by a dunce journalist ..

  • adnan

    This website is totally against shahid .. and i will never wisit this website even if it wrote sth gud about shahid .. i kept on reading Bollywood news on it but now i will never visit this web
    . GO to hell u haters and all who get jealous of him…

  • Latisha

    Bhagyashri Pawar, you wrote like a 3 yrs old retard. What on earth are you asking? I can’t believe Bollywoodlife hired you as a writer. Don’t you have a editor who checks on your work before you put on the www? or is the site run by punch of retards? is this your way of a gossip column? kids at Kindy can put together a better article/gossip than this vomit. Well Shahid may have no one to notice him on purpose but in the name of gossip u have insulted gossip itself ….FYI.. all celebs walk about daily without anyone hustling them unless they create the atmosphere by hiring security n press to follow..didn’t u know that?

  • gururaj

    Some movies just become hits & might become 100 crores that doesnt mean arjun kapoor & ranveer singh r giving hits on their own merit.its a hit film forget abt the actor thats it.but they can never come close to shahids talent, or popularity r stardom.the journo who is wriitten this article should go to hell.

  • jay

    hell with .this stupidd article
    shahid kapoor is only actor who came in this industry by his hard work. .and his telant..
    so many time he rejected in auditions..
    and finally he selected in ishq wisk…..
    that s the hardwork ..
    not like other star n producers ranbir n arjun…varun..etc
    they are never face this type of hard work. .
    sooo dont compare shahid kapoor to with..those BPL STARS..

    • Raja

      very true…….

  • Niky

    please don’t compare this genuine actor with Ran(bi/vee)rs. I cant take take that humiliation as Sasha’s fan. Thanks!

  • drashti

    huh stupid article…. shaahid has not burnt his face that ppl will not recognize him