Is Shahid Kapoor teaching how to fly?

Phata Poster Nikla Hero’s sound track has some cool tracks that find way in your playlist, but there one song that gets you to wear your dancing shoes.

Shahid Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri’s Dhatting naach is a full-to desi and crazy number and guess what, we decided to add some tadka to this number’s feel so that we can make this good-looking duo dance to our wacky version of this song composed by Pritam. So ready to groove and get lost in transition literally!

Udan choo, choo hai chidiya firangi

Balam tu, tu tu desi mausami

Udan chhoo, chhoo hai chidiya firangi

Balam tu, tu, tu, tu, tu desi mausami

Fly choo, choo is bird foreigner

Darling you, you, you, sweet lime

Fly choo, choo is bird foreigner

Darling you, you, you, sweet lime

Bole to..

Said then

Dil ki aadatein bandar chaap hai

Khaali peeli chhat pe chadhein

Chadh ke utar jaayein

Har dam mood mein lallan top hai

Ginti mein ginta hai

Ek do teen chaar paanch

Heart’s habits monkey brand is

Empty drunk terrace on climbed

Climb up and get down

Every breath mood in Lallan upar is

Count in count is

One two three four five

Chal dhating naach..

Come crazy dance…

Loha badan tera loha badan

Tera chumbak sa jiya re

Chumbak sa jiyaa re

Jiya jiya jiya

Mera chumbak sa jiya..

Iron body yours iron body

Your magnet like heart

Magnet like heart

Heart heart heart

My magnet like heart

Cancel kiye maine aashiq sabhi

Mera tu pakka piya re, tu pakka piya

Piya piya piya, mera tu pakka piya

Manaa did I lovers all

My you sure darling, you sure darling

darling darling darling, my you sure darling

Watch Dhatting naach!

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