Is Shahrukh Khan attracted only to Oriental women?

In a candid conversation with the Front Row host Anupama Chopra the Chennai Express star revealed the funniest rumour that he heard about his sexual preference!

Shahrukh Khan is blessed with the gift of the gab! The superstar can leave you spellbound with his wit and his quirky sense of humour. The actor recently appeared on Season 2 of Anupama Chopra’s widely watched show The Front Row. SRK shared a few pearls of wisdom and gave some really interesting facts about his personality and his personal space.

When Anupama asked him the strangest rumour that he has heard about himself, SRK gave a funny instance. “One day I was sitting with a gentleman in a plane and he insisted that my interest in the opposite sex is only of oriental women. And I did not even know the man and he kept insisting. So I agreed and said ok if that makes you happy, I want to sleep now, so leave me alone. Not that I don’t like Oriental women. They are very beautiful, but the way he was insinuating it was a little different,” said Shahrukh Khan.

Interestingly, Priyanka Chopra will sport an oriental look in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ambitious project Mary Kom’s life. We are waiting to see if SRK will find PeeCee attractive. Even if he’s not drawn only to oriental women, we are sure Priyanka will bowl Shahrukh over with her oomph! Ahem ahem!