Is Shahrukh Khan cosying up to Katrina Kaif?

Is Shahrukh Khan cosying up to Katrina Kaif?

We spotted Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif getting too close for comfort on the sets of Yash Chopra’s romantic flick

We know that Shahrukh Khan doesn’t kiss his heroines. But look at this picture and you will be surprised to see how dangerously close SRK is to Katrina Kaif in what can be called a tight spot in a small lane. This picture has come straight from the sets of Yash Chopra’s upcoming unnamed production starring SRK, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

The superstar and Kat were in London recently to shoot the film. And just when people are talking about the unusual pairing of SRK with Katrina, the King Khan, it seems, is trying too hard to prove a point – that he’s the ultimate romantic hero of B-town. Are Kat and SRK struggling to make their on-screen chemistry look explosive?

Forget about chemistry, this picture has invoked a sense of fear in us. We wonder what will happen if the ultimate bhai of Bollywood Salman Khan sees his ex-lady love getting up close and personal with his arch-rival. And just when it seemed as if there could be peace made between the estranged super-heroes, no? The explosion then will be much bigger than any the Tiger set off! Right, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sid

    Please shut up, stop wasting your time and trying stir up some trouble. Also this pictures been on the internet for months now, so stop making it sound like its a new discovery when it clearly isn’t.

  • Pedro

    The couple look totally uncomfortable with each other. I wonder what effect Katrina will have on this film

  • ashiyana

    Gosh peepz you have nothing to do? looking at the pic i dont see them kissing, yes they are close but they aren’t kissing. Gosh i think this rumour is only te create more distance between Salman and Shah rukh. This is not done. If you can’t bring them together then leave it, but don’t create more distance. this is not good.

  • bile

    I suggest you concentrate on your own boring, dull, vague and atrocious articles rather than putting your long nose into other peoples business. Even if they had sex, who the hell are you to tell them to stop?

  • KajolLovesSRK

    ‘ex-lady love’ So Salman has no right to stop her and SRK is always close to an actress when he’s about to kiss her NECK!
    He’s married and he’s happy. Grow up.

  • Aliya

    This photo came out months and months ago, and has already been through the gossip “journalism” circuit. Why on earth are you printing it as if this were something new? Sometimes I wonder if the people who write for Bollywood Life have any idea what they’re talking about.

  • Ralph

    She is a slut!

  • newuser

    I am not sure the writer of this story is trying to act funny or he is stupid. It’s a movie scene. This guy is trying to act as if like Shahrukh took Katrina in some “tight spot in a small lane” for real.
    “We wonder what will happen if the ultimate bhai of Bollywood Salman Khan sees his ex-lady love getting up close and personal with his arch-rival.” Lol. Epic Fail.
    It’s a romantic movie & they are lead pair in the movie. He knows there will be hugging & touching.

    • Ella collins Bng

      I agree with you a hundred percent!

  • amir khan

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  • Ella collins Bng

    Here is another case of a writer trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Really I think Salman is more concerned about his films blowing up and doing well. Get off SRk he is a great actor doing hia job.

  • Rubel hossain

    diwali the best movie in bollywood history because shahrukh khan in this movie hero.

  • jeetender kumar

    m sorry aap apni film ki date bdha do kyoki samne ajay devgan hai son of the sardar jis mai dum vo hai baji rao singham

  • Botta

    Ok I’m a bit puzzled here. Wha, ealxtcy, is the purpose behind this post? Pardon my ignorance but before I launch into effusive unrelenting god-like praise for your amazingly funny’ letter to SRK (like some of my countrymen felt obligated to do), I would just like to know the real reason for this post oh wait did Shahrukh already know that I’ll ask this?? Maybe he’ll call me to explain! Seriously guys, I love most’ of your posts