Is Shahrukh Khan envious of Aamir Khan?

With the recent events, we are sure King Khan must be feeling resentful. But why?

We have seen both Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan romancing, doing action, getting emotional, crying weeps of tears and making us laugh, on the silver screen. So if we do a comparison between the two, they both are at par with each other. But there is one thing which the Dhoom:3 actor did recently which King Khan couldn’t. What is it, you ask?

SRK who is busy with his next flick Happy New Year seems to be a displeased man as he could not witness Sachin Tendulkar’s last and final test match at Wankhede Stadium. Meanwhile Aamir who is known to be a good friend of Sachin was very much there on the ground to witness the God of Cricket’s last match.

Remember the entire Shahrukh-Wankhede episode? No? We’ll tell you. During one of the IPL matches last year, Shahrukh Khan (who owns one of the IPL teams) got into a scuff with one of the security guards of Wankhede stadium after which he has been banned from entering the stadium.

So this is the reason, why Shahrukh couldn’t watch Sachin play his last match at Wankhede. Poor guy. We actually feel sorry for the man. We are sure King Khan must be feeling all envious of Aamir. What do you think guys?