Is Shahrukh Khan having an affair with Priyanka Chopra?

Is Shahrukh Khan having an affair with Priyanka Chopra?

After being loyal to his wife for 20 years, Shahrukh Khan is reportedly seeing his Don 2 co-star Priyanka Chopra and they are quite an item

Shahrukh Khan has always maintained a very ‘loyal to my wife’ image in tinseltown, even as he romanced so many beauties on the big screen. Seeing pictures of Gauri and SRK in film and fashion magazines only added to the aura of their ‘sacred’ marital relationship. The only leading ladies he was rumoured to have had a ‘thing’ with are his fave co-stars Juhi Chawla and Kajol. The gossip seemed obvious, since he had some of the most successful films of his career with them. Apart from that, it was Deepa Sahi in Maya Memsaab whom he got intimate with in order to show great chemistry in that famous sex scene. Otherwise, King Khan’s image has been the cleanest amongst the Khans, especially where extra-marital goings-on have been in focus. But it seems that now, after fathering two lovely kids and doting on Gauri for a couple of decades, Shahrukh is going through a mid-life crisis. (Or a mid-wife crisis, shall we say?) These days, showbiz parties and gatherings are not complete without people talking about the torrid affair SRK is allegedly having with his Don 2 co-star, hottie Priyanka Chopra.

It’s been more than six months that the ‘thing’ has been on, they say. Sharing spicy bits, the rumourmongers tell us that it was at one of SRK’s private dos that Gauri had a spat with hubby dearest over inviting Priyanka. Gauri was backed by Twinkle Khanna, and understandably so – remember the Akshay Kumar-Priyanka affair (during Aitraaz) that had serious implications? Hmm, looks like Tina knows only too well the love games that PC is capable of playing! And so she has warned Gauri. SRK meanwhile is simply saying he is fond of Priyanka, gushing about her good looks and her ‘talent’ – and insisting that there is nothing more to it. He has never denied his fondness for Kajol and Juhi as well, with the latter being his business partner in film production and the Indian Premier League. But Priyanka seems special, as is evident from the way he hugs her or interacts with her, or pays surprise visits to her house. He recently said in a newspaper interview that she is his “tame rat” and how he loved getting “kinky” with her in a scene in Don 2. Well, well, so much for a 46-year-old man’s fantasies! But these wet dreams might just die down after Don 2 releases. But here’s more dope: SRK-Priyanka shall soon be hosting the Zee Cine Awards in Macau in January 2012. Before that, they will head to the Dubai International Film Festival in December – a couple of weeks from now. The question is, will Gauri accompany SRK at these events? She was seen alone at Boman Irani’s son’s reception recently, which makes us wonder if things are fine between the couple. Tell us what you think: Are Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra an item?


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  • Nithin Muraleedharan

    I think that you journalists are the sickest of people in this world! Even thinking about this makes you so dirty!! You sadists have no better job but to write bad about SRK! Go get a life and do some productive stuff instead of blabbering some random stuff on your stupid and useless site just to get/gain some attention!

  • li


    you just want something to chatter about! quite often you guys come up with pretty ridiculous articles!!! Talk and pinpoint only when there is enough proof!! surely some ethics gotta be considered even when writing these kinda columns? Not start something disgusting out of nowhere, create the hype and be happy about it coz people are reading crap from your site!! write all you want when something actually happens!!!

  • A. Nony

    it makes me laugh when fans say srk is most faithful etc…. like some fan would know. millions of men and women cheat all over the world people who live down your own street hell even people you know friends/family but yet srk is different because your his fan get real.

    srk knew about this rumour yet he still hangs out with pc and publicly kisses and whispers in her ear what the hell does he expect reality check friends DO NOT behave like this, NO other actor acts like this with their female friends hell even single people like deepika or shahid dont behave like this. srk has also never acted like this with any other actress. like there were so many rumours about juhi and srk yet they never acted like this hell they didnt even touch each other in public.

    • Nalini

      Agree completely

    • Amorette

      He knew of the rumor and still hung out with Priyanka because he had nothing to be guilty about and she is just his friend as he says… And who the hell are these people to try to dictate to the biggest star in the world … Yes in the world… Who he must see, talk to, interact with??? Guys get a life and leave the man alone!!!!

  • AD

    stop being jealous of SRK. He’s a great guy. Stop spitting on he’s character and it’s true that, he’s very much loyal to his wife. ppplease stop spreading bull**** rumors.

  • H57

    wow…his midlife crisis is going to destroy everything he has built up. His career, his family, his home.
    If he does not wake up soon it’s too late.
    He will be very lonely soon, Priyanka will not stay long with him.
    When she reached her destination, she will drop him like a hot potato.
    It is sad for him and especially for his family. Poor guy.

  • Ruchi

    Pathetic…. You ppl can go to anylevel for getting publicity. I am not a Fan of SRK however i feel the article is totally Plastic, with no piece of truth in it.

  • Dharini

    I had heard in one of SRK’s interview that he would never do an overtly intimate scene with an actress on screen coz he feels its not right for his children to see it…He also said, that he was very uncomfortable when his son, Aryan was watching KANK and that scene of his and Rani making love (which I personally feel was shot very subtly and wasnt even close to vulgar) came up in the song (wheres the party tonight) and he left the screening for a bit coz he couldnt watch his son watching that scene…even if SRK right now has feelings for priyanka…hes not that kind of a man who would leave his family and be ashamed infront of his kids to be with another woman. All Priyanka should worry about now is to stop her PR from spreading nonsense rumors about her link ups with every co star..she should probably find a business man and start dating him so that she doesn’t end up being like Preity, Rani, Urmila, Sushmita in 3 years!

  • Bigyan

    I think, Bollywood life making news, everyone knows srk is brand. Whatever you do with srk name that will sell.

    so stop using srk name for your cheap website promotion.

  • aa

    absolutely! it is so obvious, and pathetic.

  • aa

    absolutely! it is so obvious, and pathetic. I feel really sorry for his wife and kids. They deserve better. He should show them more respect.

    • aiglenoire

      you beleive quicly !!!!and so fast you become an advicer woooooooow

  • araheems

    No Way…!

  • omer

    waste site…

  • aiglenoire

    rubish!!!what a nonsens??somtimes he is gay, sometimes he has an affair ;buy awards ,and may be also buys the UNECSO awards,may be tomorrow………..what ‘s wrong with you ?if you hate him just ignore him,with or without you he is the king khan

  • curtley

    This is not true. You guys are pathetic

  • srk_the king

    there is only one word………pathetic………

  • zak

    srk shud leave ugly gauri and go with hot priyanka

    • Rajat

      Fu*k you ar*eho*e

  • Michelle

    Are SRK and Priyanka an item?Hmmm. Fun gossip, but reality I think is much more boring. Regardless, true or not, it’s great publicity for Don 2 and maybe even the Zee Cine Awards that the pair is hosting!

    I do miss the Karan-SRK rumors though, those were funny. Maybe someone will come out with an article tomorrow about how Karan is crushed that SRK left him for Priyanka, LOL!

  • Harry

    PATHETIC Article.. the only person in whom INDIA trusts is SRK and these guys are bollywoodlife have no life! worst article ever.. website blacklisted forever!

    • Bigyan

      sure dude……….

      i think the writer of this article is a shameless & characterless

    • KENNY

      priyanka and srk is the best couple

  • fan

    wat a dumb article it is! If any male and female are close friends u give it a name as affair. So much narrow minded people, grow up

  • asad khan nasar

    No no no srk is the only great man in the world or ap log joot karahaynho.

  • Nithin

    stupid news….i think bollywood life aint get any other news….pity on u people

  • Pritam

    Kya bakwas news hai…tum logo ko aur koi kaam nehi hay kya??

  • Diya

    This is a ridiculous article.
    Shah Rukh Khan is the most trusted and the most honest human being… He and Gauri have been together in the toughest of times. Gauri is and will always be his only love.
    Priyanka is his co-star, his colleague, who is an ardent SRK fan herself and SRK admires her as a person. That’s it. Full Stop. Do not say such rubbish about such a wonderful man.

  • mariam

    Even if they are having an affair we ill never know for sure. Srk isnt impulsive and irrational like everyone else in the industry. There is a reason why hes at the top. Even if he really likes her and is going through a midlife crisis, it wouldnt matter and we’ll never know, after don 2 it’ll fizzle it.

  • kitty

    would you guys listen to yourself why are you dissing this site? blame srk and pc for acting wrong theres no affair talk about hrithik and aish or salman and oreity etc… because they dont act cheap, these two are all over each other ‘friends’ do not do that, see how they act and see how hrithik acts with aish and you will se a big diffrence.

    thre reason why is that they have become best friends overnight literally fastest friendship ever which is why its so sussed srk has never acted like this even with juhi who he claims is his best friend that shows you what hes like.

    end of day hes a 50 year old hanging out 24/7 with a 20 year old who has experience of sleeping with married men (akki) its gross and disgusting. i pray gauri starts hanging around 24/7 with ranbir and he is all over her and then lets see how srk acts.

  • L

    I don`t understand why it`s so difficult for many people to believe in their affair.This should be DON2 promotion ? …pfff…Have you ever seen such promotion of SRK. Never ever!
    During the RaONE promotion Kareena has hardly seen.
    This is just a welcome excuse. Come on guys, spending a lot of weekends together during IPL, during
    award-session, then London, in Toronto Priyanka was waiting backstage and after SRK`s performance
    they leave for the hotel. Recently L.A. again. If you see them, constantly flirting and touching !
    Are you all blind?
    Then his relationship with Gauri since the shooting in Berlin. There`s absolutely no more love.
    Even when they are together at a party, you can`t see them together.

    • Dia D’soza

      so what ur tellin me that Shahrukh khan had an affair with Madhuri, Kajol and Juhi?? cz for MNIK promotion he spend nearly 2 months with kajol not only in india but overseas and you would see them holding hands. same goes with juhi and mahduir shahrukh khan is often seen hugging and kissing (on the cheeks) and syin ILU to his co-stars so does that mean he has dated all his co-stars and is having an affire??

      another thing… Kareena wasn’t with shahruk khan during RA.ONE promotion much because she was shooting for her movie Agent vinode in another city and during thoes times her soon to be father-in-law died aswell!

      get ur facts rit cz in IIFA priyanka wasn’t waiting for him it was cz she was apart of iifa aswell as she performed and he didnt go alone with her karan johar was with her!

      SHAHrukh khan and Gauri was last seen a few months ago for their AD toghether called D’ORE! so plz we knw u hate shahrukh khan and want to put him down but srsly find another excuess to put him down.

      • inomi…

        u are totly corrct…hehehe that L person z a factless dumbo :P

      • Ramya

        Hey guys,
        Don’t get your imagination run wild
        SRK will never cheat on his wife
        They are just promoting the movie
        Get a life
        Don’t try to break up a good family

    • LLL

      hey guy, you stole my post from another site ….. idiot .. lol

  • Huma.Khan


    • khan

      i m agree with you “huma”

  • ashiiiisshhh

    This has got to be the worst story/website ive ever heard of

    srk having an affair?
    please hes not salman or aamir

  • sandi

    we all know how much SRK loves, admires & respects ALL women… I think they are just close friends, or they wouldnt be so obvious about it. SRK has said that if he was having an affair, nobody would know because he would be more discreet!

  • ian khan

    This is totally crapppp. Who ever wrote this article is the biggest looser in life who has nothing except writing crap about people life’s’.

    • Prakash

      No, Thats not. The article writer is not a looser but he/she may wants to know ho we (public) reacts on a wrong thing.

  • Zesh

    Yup! Buddah kharab hogaya n dere usual meeting disable peace to gauri.Morever priyanka z a user,fa makng image in bolywod she used akki n nwadays she z a flop actres n inorder to retain her image she nw uses srk.


    As we all know,If a married life a general man survives without any disturbances for more tan 10 years then there is no power except GOD to break up the relationship.

    And in case of King khan I don’t think there is any kind of relationship with Jungle Cat Priyanka.

    The last thing is Friendship is the strongest bond in the Earth, that is proves by Lord Krishna & Sudama.

    • shishir kumar pradhan

      ra one the best of india

  • Default

    I doubt it. However they look awfully cozy together don’t they? Her only confirmed relationships (with co-actors) have been with Harman and Shahid. Did she also have an affair with Akshay? I think this is all BS!

  • rahul

    This article is written with sick mentality and just to grab attention to the wirter himself. No sane person can belive this sh*t.

  • Kat

    Well i think Priyanka chopra can do any thing to get more fame. Shehad even used herman bawaeja and left him when film got flopped. She even used Akshay kumar. Twinkle played a smart roll and saved her marriage. And now its high time when Gauri should take some action towards priyanka chopra.I dont like priyankas charackter and after all shahrukh khan is just a man. Females like priyanka they r shrewed and clever they do anything for money.

  • Samar

    Yes i also agree with Kat.Priyanka can do this.she is very ambitious that we all know. To get success she is using shahrukh.priyanka is beautiful but she hasnt given any super duper hits.she even triedwith salman khan but salman is smart , he knows such femals r very dengerous.king khan must use his brain and do something to save his marriage. Because such females like priyanka chopra dont care ,they are selfish.

    • The Insider

      They just wanna get more famous. and girls like priyanka are ready to do anything. In fact, all actress are the same.

  • The Insider

    Hey guys! relax. Enjoy the goss
    The only truth about this industry is that nothing is true.
    This is just a small part of don 2 promotional strategy.

  • nazima syed

    srk never cheats his wife gori.



  • Reshma

    If he is…good for him!! He needs to come out of the clean,boring image that he has.

    • Pedro

      Iagree 100%. Life is too short. They look good together, SRK looks happy,seems to have gotten a new edge. Go for it guys and enjoy. Just keep that chemistry going!

  • srgay its your luck if you are pumping that, she is hot and a great body…

  • kiki

    oh its all rubbish ……..priyanka is not that much bad ……it seems her luck is bad and enemies want to ruin her image …….shahrukh has interacted with many girls from the begining of his career ……in 90s he acted with kajol,lolo,madhuri and juhi and divya bharti ……he went to tour with sexy girls like urmila and mamta kulkarni and sonali that period he was very young and most of them were very sexy girls but he never did somthing like that…..he is not this type………the writer is stupid

  • ayesha


  • Maalika Jameel

    For Sure SRK will never cheat on his family. He is an Actor, he has to be nice to his co-stars.

  • venaa

    what wrong with u writers u ar realy fool . priyanka is not like that and srk too . they ar just frinds.male or female can not be friend in bollywood only they can be girlfriend and boybriend? if someone sew priyanka chopra with abhishek bachchan than every where ohh they ar in relaitionship if whit srk if with akshay why ar u like this liars.priyanka u ar good going. u ar the best don not belive in any body els only belive in allah.

  • Ram

    srk is a grand old uncle and she is more of a daughter to him.moreover he is too old to satisfy her, it might be platonic love not carnal

  • Vijay

    SRK may be too old for her but you never know. Older man always love to get into affair with very young, beautiful and charming girl so he can get away. I am sure he has something in his mind about Priyanka.

  • meera

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  • Ansh

    Ya , i agree with u rahul , the writer may have been drunken or mentally ratarded to write this f*cking sh*t about king khan the greatest bolywod actor and priyanka the sexiest actress in bolywod…….

  • fiza

    every thing is possible man

  • junaid

    no i donot think this vl happen………

  • Fatima

    I believe srk to be a good husband,he loves gauri.pls media,and his enemies dnt destroy his home,i also love priyanka,she is just a co star to srk.please gauri shame the ENEMIES!

    • priya

      it’s true

  • Piya

    Yes they are…the chemistry is different. He shows up for Dilip Kumar’s bday with this home wrecker !!! Anyways, it’s his family and he should know better/ Plus public loves him not only for acting but also because of his love for his fmaily. He is ruining it all…I am not even going to watch Don anymore just because of this !!!

    • Krishna

      No woman is a homewrecker. If a man is unable to keep his morals and his home then it is entirely his own fault. No lady should be ever considered a homewrecker. Marriages break because of the couple involved the out side forces cannot be blamed at all.

      • vansifuder

        I see you’re a homewrecker !

    • pooja

      s they hav good chemistry…….and 1 more thing….many ppl dnt knw.. dat srk had a great influence on her…carrer wise..even when she entered bollywood..she use to say in shows..dat she s a great fan of srk…..n even karan johar knows how much srk influenced priyanka carreer wise… bt it doesnt mean to get ….cosy personally..its professional help i think so…n shud remain like dat….srk is best… loyal..hope he remains always lyk dat…………..

  • simi

    Here too, he is following the Big B ….. Remember Big B’s relationship with Rekha? I think Gauri should take advise from Jaya. SRK – Pls stop just doing whatever Big B does!!!

  • king rp


  • Samia

    What nonsense how can any1 even believe in this rumour maybe SRK is just fond of PC whoever is gonna believe in this is a stupid

    What nonsensense it’s impossible how can any1 even trust this thing

  • surie

    If you ask me I think SRK is keen on PC. Whether they are having an affair …hmmmm. SRK is going to jeopardize his marriage as well as his career. I hope this won’t happen and that SRK realize before its too late. I don’t want to see his marriage and career in trouble because of a certain PC?? I am an SRK FAN AND pray that whatever is in the news its fabricated

  • rocky

    isnt shahrukh gay as a rainbow? what a facade….next we will hear how karan johar is having an affair with another wannabe… gives us all a freaking break and credit us with some common sense… the more shahrukh tries hard to look hetero, the more homo he looks… ask farhan akhtar…lol

  • Ece

    si eu vreau sa ma fac PFA! imi zici te rog si mie de ce acte e nvieoe si cati bani? sau stii vreun site cu informatii corecte si complete? merci mult. p.s. exista perforatoare heavy duty care perforeaza documente groase mai bine iti cumperi unul, decat un barbat cu bormasina, iesi mai ieftin si nici nu e periculos Thursday October 4, 2007 08:20pm

  • shalini

    srk and gauri never together these days. gauri is seen hanging out with her friends, suzana roshan , they are only together for the kids, this is so sad,.

  • tay

    U knw wat evry1 shuold butt owt I thnk pc and srk maka gwd match if h does want so be it! Hs lyf hs choice I’m wif em ala way n wil suport him!!!

  • priya


  • priya

    havn’t ur mom taught u never to poke ur nose in to other’s business. most of the actor’s are having an extra martial affair if everyone has the gut’s they can go and ask saif or aamir khan about their affairs or even the bad boy salman khan who has wrecked many a girl’s life but this is just a publicity stunt turne in to a wild cat

  • natasha

    Of course they are having an affair,these to disgrace our indian society,pri,what happened to the morals and values!disgusting.

  • Linda

    a piece of stupid mindlessly written article. Go and write something that has a good amount of substance which can educate you and other people literally. You wont get a name by publishing these kinda stupid rumors!

  • jenine neha pillay

    I love pryanka! She is beautiful n talented and there is a lot who envy her n take her the other way around .. She is sexy men love her they can’t resist her some women are obligated 2 they men , while others attract men n I think priya has done nothng wrong she is wonderful inside out I watch all her movies I’m her bigest fan people at home say I’m her imagine I carry myself out like her shez my role model n we born 1 day apart I’m born 19 july which is amaxing n I want 2 say if any 1 got a problem with my comment speak 2 me personally tnx from jenine south africa indian girl mwahz

  • pooja

    priyanka is such a good women..hailing frm a good family.iam also a fan of her…i dnt think..she is lyk dat….i like being a good lady……,

  • rana sani

    shahrukh u r vry handsam man but priyanka is vry hot and beautiful….. do u fack her??????????

    • Shahrukh Khan

      Yes I do spend time with her sometimes, im so confused because I love my wife but I like Priyanka because I’ve facked her, what should I do? Advise me please.

      • muskaan

        i love you

  • mohamed

    my nem’s mohamed

  • ashwin

    Best Advice…Don’t get married if you can’t handle one woman for the rest of your life.

  • shaukath hussain

    Best advice… Remember Amitabh Bachaan and Rekha’s romance what happened Rekha is no where. Such will be your case. I am a fan of yours dont trust her she will ditch u soon. Gowri and family is the best. All the best…..

  • vansifuder

    I was on a plane to Vegas last week and a very famous bollywood big wig told me that Shahrukh and Pryianka really have an affair. He has extremely good sources that can prove it. I was appalled !

  • Sherry

    Seems like the chopra girls like ruining marriages. And SRK what do you see in pc when you have a gorgeous wife like GAURI. Appreciate what you have.

  • Khan

    Its good to be loyal