Is Shahrukh Khan insecure about Arjun Rampal in ‘RA.One’?

Is Shahrukh Khan insecure about Arjun Rampal in ‘RA.One’?

It is common knowledge that the title role of SRK’s RA.One is being played by the Om Shanti Om baddie, but why is his look in the film being so fiercely guarded?

At the music launch of King Khan’s latest film, RA.One, everyone was curious to know if the villain’s look would be unveiled as well, but nothing of that sort happened. Arjun Rampal did take centre stage for a while and shook a leg to a song from the film, but his look in the movie was kept a secret. When Shahrukh was asked the reason for this, he admitted that the film belonged to Rampal and, for a change, the audience would want the villain to survive and hope the hero dies, thanks to the handsome actor’s killer look, which will be kept under wraps till the movie releases this Diwali. In the course of the event, not-so-subtle hints were dropped that Rampal’s character in RA.One might be a heady mix of all legendary villains of Bollywood – Mogambo, Gabbar Singh and the likes of so many Bad Men. SRK said that his film would be a benchmark in this genre, probably hinting that he has outdone Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish, but we are eagerly waiting to see what the big deal is about Arjun’s look and why it is being guarded like a national secret. Hope it is not an insecure Khan trying to keep the limelight to himself, as long as he can!

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  • Tiana

    insecure khan??????? loooooool, I mean I REALLY AM laughing here!
    shahrukh khan being insecure??? first of all I’ve never ever seen him insecure and then he and arjun share a great relationship. had he been insecure he wouldn’t have mentioned that arjun is the most handsome guy in the industry, moreover the film is all about love and survival, its not about who is the better looking guy in it!
    I’m sure its gonna be the biggest Bollywood movie ever,,,,, and I saw no vibes of insecurity whatsoever

  • Shahjahan

    No doubt SRK is insecure.

    Arjun is the safest bet for SRK. As a friend he can mete out this kind of treatment and be forgiven only by someone like ARJUN.

    I bet the movie will turn out to be all G ONE and a minuscule part filmed on RA ONE just to show a villain.

    Just take all previous movies of this combo… Arjun hardly has anything to do in these movies. No songs, No female interest, not even a scene worthy enough to establish him as a baddy… SRK wants to make films only with his character well defined. Rest are there as his Majboori.

    Wish Indian film industry grew up and soon…