Is Shahrukh Khan more excited about Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 than Farah Khan’s Happy New Year?

Is Shahrukh Khan more excited about Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 than Farah Khan’s Happy New Year?

King Khan is more keen on doing Don 3 even as Farah Khan’s Happy New Year continues to languish

Shahrukh Khan is on a small break from Rohit Shetty’s forthcoming releases Chennai Expres co-starring Deepika Padukone. But the 47-year-old is also keeping an eye on future projects that he is really excited about. SRK, a gossip birdie chirped to us, has had several meetings with Farhan Akhtar and producer Ritesh Sidhwani to discuss what the third installment of Don will be all about. Shahrukh will also be seen in Farah Khan’s much talked about glossy production Happy New Year – a project that has three more unannounced heroes and one yet-to-be-revealed heroine. But given the uncertainties of Farah’s film as far as its star cast is concerned, Shahrukh wants to focus only on Don 3 after he’s done with Chennai Express.

Though Shahrukh is producing Happy New Year in which he himself will be starring, the superstar seems keener on his solo lead film Don 3. Farah’s film, one hears, will feature Abhishek Bachchan too and that can possibly limit Shahrukh Khan’s screen presence. But Don 3 is a successful franchise already, and we understand if SRK’s loyalties are more towards Akthar’s slick gangster drama rather than the glossy potboiler from Farah!

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  • anonym

    Don 3 is OK….., however, please without PC…. that nobody needs

    • ralphr

      lol agree 100%..
      dont like her…

    • Rich

      As long as PC is willing to shoot for this film, they can’t replace her.

  • Rich

    what are you babbling about?
    Chennai Express is already on floors and Rohit Shetty knows what he is doing? Why does SRK have to check him on day to day operations.
    Happy New Year story has already been locked, and music is being worked on. Also they are working on casting. SRK isn’t involved in Casting as he has said many times.
    SRK has another film inline after HNY titled A for Apple B for Billi C for Cutta. He’s already given the go ahead for this film as well now the director needs to start his job by working on casting and music.
    Don 3 is still in ideas phase so they talk about how to take the movie forward, or what will be required of SRK in this movie. That’s why there is lengthy talks.

    Common Sense thrown out the door.

  • Shahrukh khan

    Wot a lovely project this year! Happy New Year and Don 3.. I am really inlove with DON 3! Want to move on once again with Farah khan & Farhan Akhtar @ Sulthan Ameer thanks for the Advise..

    • shubham jaiswal

      very great fan of urs day we will meet

    • shubham jaiswal

      very great fan of urs day we will meet…

  • Shahrukh khan

    Are you now acusing me for that? Why sometimes you people can’t diffrentiate between Gossip and rumours?

  • Shahrukh khan

    Thanx Sulthan Ameer

  • Sulthan Ameer

    Please dont meantion sire.. You are my super duper star

  • ayushsrk

    Well seeing the condition of masala films that india currently demands of,DON3 will not be expected to be earth shattering in the box office,

    But as long as SRK is doing the movie his fans all around the world will be in the theater to watch the 3rd installment and make it huge in their hearts rather than boxoffice.

  • Yasir ayoob

    Don ,don2, don3, back to back hits ,without a flop in last 7 years, king is king


    I respect you but I also Love SALMAN KHAN.My question to you is why do you want Salman Khan in jail and people say that you have also briben lawyer to keep him in jail.

    SALMAN KHAN is not a bad person as you think…..

    You can continue to be star but donot keep salman in trouble.

  • Syed faiyaz hussain

    Srk super king of bollywood next 250 cr world

  • gaurang

    Don-75 crore
    Don 2-125 crore
    and now Don 3-180 crore definately hoga hi hoga.
    Don 3 hai bhai. Srk always rocks.

  • younus khan

    srk is rocksssssssssssssss
    he is osam yaar

  • nayyar hussain

    i love srk kyon ki king khan ki tarah koi hero nahi he is a wonderful guy kyon ki yeh apni mahnat ki wajah se film industri me aaya hai salman ki trah nahi jo baap ki maharbani se aaya ho or woh shadi is liye nahi karta ke woh gay hai u

  • Subha Jana

    King Khan,you are the GOD of Bollywood Industries.