Is Shahrukh Khan not a good replacement for Salman Khan in Bajirao Mastani?

Shahrukh Khan not approached for Bajirao Mastani
Yogen Shah

Contrary to reports, SRK hasn’t been offered Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s dream project Bajirao Mastani is still on hold. Though rumours are rife that SLB has approached Shahrukh Khan for his long impending project, we hear that’s not the case at all. “He (Shah Rukh) is not approached for this film. We don’t know where these reports are coming from. He is busy shooting for Happy New Year. The other projects that he would work on are Yash Raj Films’ Fan and Rahul Dholakia’s film,” a source close to the King Khan said to a leading daily. Also, reports were doing the rounds that Gauri Khan’s hubby dearest had dropped by the sets of Ram-Leela just to express his desire to play Bajirao. However, that’s just gossip as well.

Sources close to SLB cleared the air and told a leading daily, ”It is all not true. The script is not ready yet.” Now that’s sad as we were hoping Khan would join hands with his Devdas director once again. After all, they did create magic on the big screen. But looks Shahrukh isn’t good enough to step in Salman Khan’s shoes. We all know Sanjay Bhansali wanted to make his ambitious project with Sallu miyaan and his then alleged girlfriend Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan). If the grapevine is true and SK’s arch rival isn’t doing the film then who knows maybe the Dabangg Khan would eventually end up playing Bajirao. Well, we wouldn’t mind that at all.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • raj

    kis chutiye ne likha hai ye article .”gauri’s hubby dearest ” gauri khan is not in movie field and no sensense of mentioning her here but jabardasti ka pathetic journalisam .pak chuke hein aise journaliston se

  • Наташа

    sallu mallu ugly & old how some idiots love him ? he is killer also

  • anon

    of course he would be great as bajrao and aishwarya rai as mastani

  • Mo Rafa Hassan

    Sounds a paid ad by murder salman.

  • munas

    Their is nothing shahrukh khan is not good enough for when it comes to acting because he can do it all and everybody who watches Indian moves can see that.

  • Leily Jamal

    I have watched all Shahrukh Khans movies and there is no doubt that he is absolutely awesome and a good actor.

  • Athorin De Louren

    ”looks Shahrukh isn’t good enough to step in Salman Khan’s shoes”.

    Every single article of yours is disgusting, directed towards hurting a specefic individual. It is a shame, people like you can be called journalists. You may laugh at this like a ”bitch” and start writing your next article, but I will let you remember this ”90% of the reader of your articles despise you”.

    Thanks for another articles building more hate and disrespect towards that image called ”You”. You are nothing but a hated person, pathaticlly, lol.

    • salman,s father

      U r only jealous from srk,s success and ek baat aur sallu srk ki barabari ni kar skta

  • munas

    Your heart must be really broken because shahrukh khan is more famous and adorable, charming and lovely then your favourite actor and let me tell you one thing i don’t hate salman you should know that so you don’t have to call me a bitch their is known one like shahrukh khan and we both know that you don’t even know what hated mean because that’s what you are

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    I like Shah Rukh Khan immensely for many different reasons. I like Salman Khan for many other different reasons. It’s so sad to see the depths that journalism has been permitted to sink in order to keep media sources afloat. These type articles are written to stir curiosity and draw readers — makes no difference whether readers like the article or object to it, as long as they respond to it. Comment sections tend to generate readers and their responses as well. Plus, some writers like to throw in a few daggers toward individuals, events, etc. that they have issues with while they’re trying to draw interest. The truth and legitimate facts no longer matters to far too many media companies anymore. If anybody suffers damage due to the article or from responses to it, that’s just par for the course. It’s like “collateral damage”, and usually, whatever the cost, it’s worth it to the company if a lawsuit comes of it. Rather than subject themselves to frustration, Readers who protest can stop reading these types of articles as a show of disapproval, I suppose. Personally, I’m just an innately curious individual. I will read just about anything; however generally, I have little to no expectations of coming away with anything worthwhile to think about or to share from much of what I read in news reports, magazines, and social media platforms, etc.That kind of dampens my enthusiasm somewhat. Nonetheless, I like to write and sometimes offer my unsolicited thoughts. Well, have a good day everyone.

  • Farhat Hafeez

    If SLB wants to represent his internal emotions by making Bajirao let him decide who can better express his emotions but one thing he should keep in mind that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action for which the king of romance in Bollywood SHAHRUKH KHAN is the right selection. kindly do not involve respective celebrity GAURI KHAN in your gossip in future which created a painful situation.

  • anonymous

    SRK IS THE BEST…HE IS THE ULTIMATUM…HE CAN DO ANYTHING & EVERYTHING…If Slb is panning Bajirao mastani den it shud undoubtedly have SRK in it since he featuring in a muvie means power pack peformance as well as a box office blockbuster..if dat stupid kallu lallu is taken den bhansali’s dream project would turn in2 nightmare..