Is Shahrukh Khan overdoing it for ‘RA.One’?

Posted Tue, October 4, 2011 10:00am IST

The actor has been promoting his ambitious film in every event and TV show he can manage. Is that a sign of desperation?

Was there an overdose of Shahrukh Khan on television on Saturday night? Add to that the omnipresence of RA.One and G.One and the superstar is everywhere, all the time. SRK was seen on the grand finale episodes of not one, but three reality shows. Fans could choose from his recorded show with buddy Hrithik Roshan and frenemy Farah Khan on Just Dance, or with Dharmendra and Sonali Bendre on India’s Got Talent 3, or the ‘live from Surat’ finale of the much loved Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs. While he was all cute and played mentor to the kids on Li’l Champs, hugging and encouraging them and giving out G.One dolls, in the end his jig to Chammak Challo left hosts Manish Paul and Jai as well as the judges Kailash Kher, Javed Ali and Adnan Sami, exasperated. On Just Dance and India’s Got Talent, he was charming as ever, danced and had fun. But honestly, even for his biggest fans, it was indeed an OD of the Khan man. If you have a sharp memory, you may recall that SRK had done the same thing with the promotions of Om Shanti Om. The film went on to become a hit. But the same cannot be said about the actor’s 2000 film, Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani. Before its release, Shahrukh and co-star-cum-business partner Juhi Chawla were seen giving interviews on every entertainment and music channel, even appearing in the same clothes in two different venues, betraying the fact that they were running pillar to post and shooting back to back. While releasing the first promo of RA.One, Shahrukh had informed the media that there would be at least one promotional activity for his sci-fi film every month leading up to its release. But seeing so many SRKs on the same day at different events….wethinks it was a bit too much. Surely only a superhero can do it! But sadly, all this makes it seem like Shahrukh is not confident of the success of his most ambitious baby and wants to plug it any and everywhere to ensure a good opening. Maybe SRK needs to take it a bit easy, or else people will be so tired of him that, leave alone RA.One, they wouldn’t even turn up to see his Don 2 which releases in December. God forbid, Khan sa’ab! See SRK pictures below


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  • Demonoid

    WTF…this website is ANTI-SRK…..fck U…..

  • Wingsuiter

    I guess you are overdoing it by writing so many SRK article!! Doucebag site

  • James

    I do not recall any positive view posted in this web for SRK.

  • Karan

    I think when public want to See SRK and vice versa where is the problem. It was a coincident that all the finals were in a span of two days…The show was very normal and SRK had a brief appearance and his wittiest best. When a promotion is done and that too like a movie Ra One which is huge and mammoth promotion should be like that only…large and huge…any promotion is good promotion….he is confident about the product otherwise he would have not invested Rs 150 Crores + he just want a earth shattering opening like everyone else does….it may be noted that this is India’s first film which scale and concept is large…never we have seen such movie…so promotion is looking like too much but its not…it goes with movie…This movie will not only change the box office collection figures but also change the way film are made and marketed…the real way.Kudos to SRK and all the best!

  • Sandesh

    hahaha…are u out of your mind? author of this article is Dumb and Anti-SRK.. It was not OD…Infact for a Fan like me, it was a great opportunity to see his charisma…n talking about the movie, Its going to be the biggest hits of all time..I’ll not Visit your site until 26th Oct. to See the reaction of you guys… BollywoodLife is a Loser Big Time..

  • Chandra

    How can Shahrukh’s presence be an overdose. Did u see how Aamir Khan manipulated and got all salesmen at various multiplexes get a Ghajini hairstyle done and sell tickets for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Whoever has written this article need to have a thorough check if their business sense. You invest 150 crores in your business and let us see how you recover back your investment.

    So cut the crap out Bollywood Life.

    • Avneet

      i think u need to check it…… dont speak crap if u don’t know…..

      • vishal

        I like your SMS & i want it

  • Raghu

    ok .. we know now,, dont have to scream your lungs out that your are funded by Salman

  • kitty

    i so agree srk is too much forcing himself on us at least salman and aamir rely on tolerable promotion srk resorts to having affairs with a pc and acting like a victim. give me any other actor over this cheapo anyday.

    • Mad

      If you can’t tolerate then don’t watch the promotions!!! why did you read this article?????? Mind your own business!

      • sam

        Well said i am to maddddddddddddd. Love SRk

  • Kirr

    What aamir done for 3 idiots,and gajini we all know but the films were super hit… What are you trying to say that is going to be a bad film.let see, if became a super hit stop idiot site

  • ANR

    SRK wanna force everyone to force to watch his Ra.One. He is on his way of aggressive marketing. If the movie is of quality, people will watch it. No need to anybody be forced. So far as the promos are concerned, it seems to me that SRK has stolen the basic idea of screen play and so many scenes from the films like Iron Man (Series), Batman (series), Da Vin Ci Code, Robot, Krishh etc. Let the film be released, we will come to know. Guys, this just my opinion!

  • ANR

    SRK wanna force everyone to watch his Ra.One. He is on his way of aggressive marketing. If the movie is of quality, people will watch it. No need to anybody be forced. So far as the promos are concerned, it seems to me that SRK has stolen the basic idea of screen play and so many scenes from the films like Iron Man (Series), Batman (series), Da Vin Ci Code, Robot, Krishh etc. Let the film be released, we will come to know. Guys, this just my opinion!

    • Mad

      really???? salman khan can so Ready and bodyguard which are totally carbon copies of two tamil films! aamir can do gajini! When srk does something new(even by collecting pieces) it becomes a thorn in you guys’ eyes…. you are absolutely crazy!!!!!

      • sahil

        Get ur facts straight…. Bodyguard was a copy of Malayalam film… though same had been remade in Tamil. Btw do u think that there is difference between marketing and Desperate marketing… and for the records salman was in US for his surgery when movie was released. So its good to be a fan but not at all nice to dig on others…what can 1 expect from SRK fan… just like the star. Please

  • simran

    obviously the author of this article is a paid tattu and in anticipation of offering free overnite services to the killer of common men, he/she found it worthy of writing an article that clearly depicts insecurity on Ra.One being the talk of the town. get a life u dude/dudette !! Do not forget what others hook onto while their film is releasing !! And the best thing for all heroes these days to get publicity and be oticed is to talk about shahrukh khan !! so quite an achievement for a man not belonging to this world and then becoming the numero uno !!

    • kummail

      well said the author of this article is paid tatoooooooo hahahahah.

  • kummail

    plzzzzzzzzzz R u mad???? If he is promoting his movie thn what is the problem if amir can do this type of marketing with his Ghajni thn why u r saying abt srk.Antiiiiiii srk open ur eyes and plz write some gud articles.I think u dnt knw abt the Marketing hahahahahah Better luck next time.

  • mad

    paagal ho gaye ho kya?????? we have not had enough of seeing the promotions!!! srk is doing it for us.. I see that the person who wrote this Baqwas article is desperate… The articles on this site are never positive!!! They create something which does not exist to make their site popular!!! Very cheap act!

  • samrah

    don’t be stupid. I can’t get enough of SRK. He is promoting Ra. One because he worked hard on the film and wants people to see it. SRK is never desperate. Everyone he does become a hit. And Ra. One for sure will become a hit.

    • satish V

      If you had a baby and she has been selected to go for NASA..Ir-respective of the fact that she has been quite eligible to do so…parents will go gaga on that..just to tell everyone.that they have something in it and thats why she has shown it.. I guess..Ra.One is baby to SRK..and he is just doing that for her..God bless SRK..

      Love you King and be blessed…

  • What a joke

    The “writers” of this site are haters. Every single one of them are SRK haters.

  • Tiana

    WHATTTTT???? you could never ever ever have enough of the biggest celeb there is on the planet earth! Ra one will rock, shahrukh Rocks, and so does his whole promotional strategy, we should be proud that he’s taking bollywood and the whole promotional process in the film industry into a new level
    long live the KING KHAN

  • Tiana

    God forbid, Khan sa’ab you say?….. you know what…. GOD FORBID IF khan sa’ab asks his billions of fans to BAN your useless website…. and then GOD FORBID this tiny winy useless writings of yours will be read by you and GOD FORBID you only……;)

  • Arsh

    The writers of this whatever the hell this is (cuz it sure as hell ain’t media) are just trying to get hate stories for Shahrukh even when this is possibly the best marketing bollywood’s seen in a long long time!

    Now, isn’t THAT a sign of desperation!?!?!?

  • Maddy

    R these people mad. Now a days these pomotional programs are usal i dont think SRK have done something over….. Anyway this film will become a hit

  • jonny

    Hate the silly vfx and stoyline of I wish it is a flop.

  • arsal

    ek bande ne 3 saal mein itni mehnat se lagbhag 150 cr ki film banayi hai toh uska promotion toh karna banta hai…..jab aamir apni 35cr ki movie(3 idiots) k liye pure india mein ghoom sakta hai toh srk promotion kyun nhi kar skta…..this site shuld b banned….RESPECT SRK OR ELSE GET LOST…

  • abhinandan

    you must be joking man…!! overdose of SRK?? HELL NO.
    its been a year n half since we last seen his movie, all the songs from the movie, just rockssss…chamak challo by Akon litreally burns the dance floor. All this put together we have Shahrukh as the super hero for the very first time and that is HUGEEEEEE my friend….so stop wasting ur time on writing such useless articles and give us some good meat…!!

  • yaseen

    ya he is over always

  • shaching

    Ra.One is an all time blockbuster. First time SRK as super hero + Akon & Kareena in Chammak Challo…the most expenive film + 3D + already broke the records 3 Idiots when sold to cable + Rajnikanth + legendary Amitabh Bachchan + Priyanka Chopra + Sanjay Dutt in cameos … + still unrevealed Arjun Rampals 10 avatars as…


    Hey i think u r a lunatic.check ur brain and write smethng..if flopstars like john,ritesh deshmukh can promote a film in the smallscreen why cant the king?were u blind during the promotions of dabang,3 idiots,ghajini?dnt write whatever comes to ur dull brain.

    • SRK Chusta hai mera

      SRK chakka hai saala…Worst actor…Aamir and Ajay are way ahead of SRK…

  • Srk fan

    Srk is unbeatable!

    • Aktar Zaman

      SRK salman Amir hrithek All are superstars… itz not like 70s 80s 90s when only one Star was sale able Amitabh bachchan was only superstar who could make film hit by his name alone… those days are gone .. actors has to go gaon to gaon saher to saher like ferrwalas to make a film hit But Amitabh is Still the Biggest and best

  • SRK fan

    what are you talking about, you want to make your website hit by posting about SRK and then maligning him only. He is definitely the most watchable celebrity on screen. Seeing him on different shows was no tiring rather very exciting, entertaining. Definitely there’s no match to his wit and charisma, tell me any other actor Sallu, Aamir, Hrithik who can entertain so well on all the shows he be a part of.
    And what are you talking about overdue of promotions, didn’t you remember about 3 idiots, aamir travelled the whole country , was even on all the news channels. Stop bickering about SRK and have respect for the brightest star of India, if you can’t call in this world.

    • Aktar Zaman

      sRk is doing nofing by promoting his new movie through is trend…. and it is 70s 80s 90s wen a film will sell only in Amitabh bachchans name alone. these days no Star is big and popular enough to make a film hit just on name, like Amitabh did … as far as biggest Star of the Industry in concern… Amitabh is still the Biggest… BigB Rules…

    • PRASAD

      you are right both amir and sharuk doing over for their movie. i hate both the heros

  • archana

    just keep ur mouth shut dont speak such rubbish

  • raak

    SRK will sell his mother for money…forget promoting his movie ON TV SHOWS.

    He has used the stupied media and public for many years. Many has realised and now its your turn to wake up.

    • vijay

      the people who say tha t srk will sell his mother for money. to them my answar is will they sell their mother for money

    • Aktar Zaman

      this is wrong to go personnel and attck some ones mum….we all have our own choice… Srk is no doubt a good nd popular star like amir salman hrithek Etc… one you have to realise is that no one rules the roost… like the Star of the world Amitabh bachchan.. when in 70s 80s nd 90s a film would only sell by his name alone… he was called 1 man industries… now film only sells by itz own qyality noe by any srats name

    • Prasad


  • nishu

    pta hai sahid mujhe mausm se bahut umeed thi

  • shorit

    Stupid and rediculous article. Nice way to get traffic.

  • ash

    he lost his confidence. he don’t have his faith. those r the reason he is doing everything for ra one. like
    sanjay dutt
    as a comeo.
    amitabh give his voice.

    for marketing he made depderant,game,toys,

    i think he is doing wat a politician doing for election
    some of tham show where he went for he is not comfortable still for the money reason he was doing over acting

    but it’s audience they will give the main answer

    people compare with salman and amir movies.

    salman just did only two to three wks promotions for bodyguard even the film not so good still it’s a biggest hit

    but shahrukk doing promotions form last 8 months still he has no confidence at all.
    wat u said

  • Lily

    whatever….it’s his money and he’s entitled to use it which ever way he wants to……even for advertising his work..however, I agree, that at the end of it all, the success of his work falls on the audience……..

  • sid

    sallu earns and spends double for charity. Agar srk ke gand me dum hai to kar ke dekhiye.

  • poonam

    Each and everyone is free to express themselves as far they are not being harmful to others. I think SRK is just promoting his films just as normal actors would do so that they get a hit.

    And its so mean to say the SRK can sell his mother for money. Only a cheap person with a disgusting mind can say so……..

    • MAHI


  • mansi


  • MAHI